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All summer we will be featuring AAU programs and their coaches to help set the landscape. A program based in North Carolina, PSB expanded into Nashville over the winter.  Much like Upward Stars did just a few summers ago, PSB is hoping to establish a foothold in a rapidly growing market.  PSB’s footprint in middle Tennessee is light, but with the help of Malik Mims they have strong Hendersonville ties to build their foundation.  

PSB Nashville-Dozier

FRONTCOURT:  PSB features decent size at the forward positions.  Isaiah DavisIsaiahDavis6'7" | PFStation Camp | 2022StateTN is listed 6-foot-7 and that appears reasonably accurate.  Andrew PaigeAndrewPaige6'5" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN projects as a 2/3, but he stands 6-foot-5 with some forward responsibilities currently.  Jackson LongJacksonLong6'5" | SFBeech | 2022StateTN (6-foot-5) and Kristian ShawKristianShaw6'6" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN (6-foot-5) spend significant time defending the lane and while Shaw is a future “2”, Long is a forward all day everyday. 

So, what can they do?  Davis is an average post defender.  His natural height helps him tower over plenty of AAU bigs.  He is not especially explosive yet, but Davis gets into good positions and seems hard to fake out.  

Long is more bouncy than Davis, hopping throughout offensive possessions. Long’s offensive impact looks to be greater than his defensive contributions.  There are absolutely times when neither touch the ball on the offensive side though.  PSB Nashville-Dozier spent a couple games in South Carolina heaving three-pointers.  Numerous players on the squad can hit these shots, but shot selection is certainly a concern.  ’We can get that shot at any time. Work the ball around’ is a coaching phrase that would help increase efficiency with this talented core.

BACKCOURT: Kristian ShawKristianShaw6'6" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN and J.J. WheatJ.J.Wheat5'11" | PGClarksville | 2022StateTN are both dynamic scorers.  Shaw is an above average athlete with excellent size for his current and future position (SG) while Wheat is a slick lead guard out of Clarksville, Tennessee. 

Wheat’s motor and feel for the game are elite.  Of all the talented guards on this team, Wheat brings the most sting.  Including Wheat the team is composed of many combo guards.  Though Wheat expertly leads his man to the basket with his passes he is also a gifted scorer.  Teammates Joshua ScretchenJoshuaScretchen6'1" | PGNashville University School | 2022StateTN, Jaden LylesJadenLyles6'1" | PGLipscomb Academy | 2022StateTN, and Kolby SearcyKolbySearcy6'5" | SGLighthouse Christian | 2022StateTN all feature tools to fit all guard jobs.  Adam MillerAdamMiller6'5" | SGNashville University School | 2022StateTN is strictly a wing scorer.  Andrew PaigeAndrewPaige6'5" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN will never play point guard as his skills and height set him up to dominate the 2/3/4 positions.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Outside shooting.  Few teams feature as many capable outside shooters.  Capable though they may be, the shooting stars of PSB Nashville do not consistently knock down their shots and this makes the team a tad mercurial.  While effort is consistent, the fluctuating scores are not.  Kristian ShawKristianShaw6'6" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN is one of the more aggressive shooters on the team and his outside shooting is somewhat streaky.

Full Squad with projected *Starters

PSB Nashville-Dozier roster (Starters*)

#11 G Adam MillerAdamMiller6'5" | SGNashville University School | 2022StateTN – University School of Nashville*
#41 G Jaden LylesJadenLyles6'1" | PGLipscomb Academy | 2022StateTN – Lipscomb Academy*
# G Kolby SearcyKolbySearcy6'5" | SGLighthouse Christian | 2022StateTN – Lighthouse Christian
#22 G Andrew PaigeAndrewPaige6'5" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN – Beech*
#55 F Isaiah DavisIsaiahDavis6'7" | PFStation Camp | 2022StateTN – Station Camp
#30 F Jackson LongJacksonLong6'5" | SFBeech | 2022StateTN – Lipscomb Academy
#11 PG J.J. WheatJ.J.Wheat5'11" | PGClarksville | 2022StateTN – Clarksville*
#42 PG Joshua ScretchenJoshuaScretchen6'1" | PGNashville University School | 2022StateTN – University School of Nashville
#15 SG Kristian ShawKristianShaw6'6" | SGBeech | 2022StateTN – Beech*

Head Coach: Dozier

NEWCOMERS: Everyone. The program, at least the Nashville iteration, is in its very first season. 



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