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The Midwest Grind Session was full of prospects at all levels this past weekend in Wichita. In this report I put together all of my thoughts from the hoops I scouted. Keep in mind I did focus on 17U but watched all age groups at some point throughout the weekend. Here are 50 players to know from Wichita. 

Jack Johnson Jack Johnson 6'2" | CG Andover | 2021 State KS 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Gaddis Point Guard

In the last few weeks Johnson has picked up several big offers including his first Division I school. It was very easy to see why after watching him play for all of five minutes. Shooting the basketball at a high level is what turns Johnson from a good D2 player to without a doubt a NCAA Division I basketball player. Johnson makes you pay from three-point and mid-range with just a little room. The craftiness of Johnson constantly forces the defense to account for where he is off the bounce. A great finishing package around the rim with a knack for getting to the foul line makes Johnson even tougher to slow down. For the cherry on top, Johnson is a high level competitor. NCAA Division I programs from the Low Major to Mid Major level needing a 6’2 scorer take a look at Johnson. 

Anthony Allen Anthony Allen 6'4" | SF Broken Arrow | 2022 State OK 2022 Tulsa Hawks Forward

Allen was big time the in the semis for the Tulsa Hawks. He had the most active hands I saw in the tournament. Blocks, steals, rebounds filled his stat sheet. The great body control inside of Allen on his finishes made him almost automatic from close range. Athletic and explosive at 6’5 makes him a guy to keep a very close eye on. The performance I saw from him was one of the best in the entire 16U bracket. He flat out dominated inside. The biggest looming question on Allen is how tall does he get? NCAA D2 is a lock and with continued improvement Allen could start hearing from D1’s. 

David Oyona 2023 OZ Elite Post

Oyona has been our radar for many years since moving to the state of Oklahoma. Since then he has moved to Wichita to attend Sunrise Christian throughout his high school career. Size and potential are the two big things to know about Oyona. At legit 6’10 Oyona is a force in the paint making it very difficult for defenders to get their shots over his long, lanky build. The game of Oyona has grown so much since attending Sunrise, but he still has so much to improve upon. The scary thing? Oyona is already a top national prospect and still has not scratched the surface of his potential. Rim protecting and rebounding are his greatest production areas at this time. Footwork is the biggest area I see he needs to continue to improve on offense. It is fun to see the growth of Oyona as a competitor he wants the ball, he wants to win, he wants to dominate. Oyona already holds High Major D1 offers and will only see more throughout his high school career. 

Jaden Monday Jaden Monday 6'0" | PG Van Horn | 2021 State MO 2021 SSA Hoops Point Guard

In the game I saw Monday his motor ran at 200mph the entire game. Monday is a strong compact 5’11 Point Guard prospect with exceptional speed, especially when the ball is in his hands. He dominated the pace of the game using the perfect mix of making the right play with a little flair in his production. A respectable shooter from three-point range does not allow defenders any chance to play off of Monday adding to his best strength driving the basketball. Monday is challenged on defense at times due to his size, but uses his strength and speed to reek havoc on opposing guards. His motor was one of the best I saw all weekend long. 

George McCurdy George McCurdy 6'2" | PG Broken Arrow | 2021 State OK 2021 Tulsa Hawks Point Guard

This is a prospect D2 and JUCO coaches should be all over. McCurdy is flying way under the radar in large part due to colleges not being able to get out. The Tulsa Hawks let the savvy Point Guard do what he does best create offense. It starts with his vision seeing the floor. From scanning the court McCurdy takes good shots and passes up bad ones to open teammates with a better look. McCurdy is a smooth operator at the Point that scores with ease at all three levels. Lighting up the scoreboard McCurdy makes it seem effortless at times. On top of his skill set McCurdy does have good size at the 6’3. McCurdy is without a doubt a full scholarship D2/JUCO prospect. 

Gus Yalden 2023 OZ Elite Forward 

Yalden aka the Baby Joker as I have deemed him is ELITE. The ceiling on his game is so high it is crazy at fifteen years young. Projection wise it is not even up for discussion Yalden is a High Major D1 prospect. Many have wondered why he blew up during the Covid-19 outbreak. Let me give you a few reason I saw this weekend. The vision and passing ability of Yalden is more like a Point Guard in the body of a 6’8 four man. The high IQ of Yalden plays into why he such a good passer and sees the floor well. Yalden makes sure his teammates around him are spaced properly so the offense runs smooth. Three-point shooting is a big add to his game on the offensive end. The consistent shot of Yalden from deep is just a throw in on top of his elite footwork and knack to score inside. Skill, skill, skill. Yalden is still growing and is already a monster to handle. After seeing him up close Yalden has to be in the conversation of the top 20 in the nation in 2023. 

Jacob Hanna Jacob Hanna 6'4" | CG Maize | 2021 State KS 2021 Team Buddy Buckets-Gaddis Wing 

Hanna was the best player at the tournament who previously I knew nothing about. He is a skilled 6’5 Wing with a very long, lanky, athletic build. Every opportunity he had to attack the basket hard he did coming out successful more times than not due to his athleticism around the cup. The aggressiveness of Hanna led to him shooting a ton of free-throws over the weekend. I really like him as an athletic 3-D type of player at the college level. He is getting high D2 to LM Division I looks currently.  

Kaden Vande Kaden Vande 6'7" | SG Tuttle | 2022 State OK 2022 Oklahoma Wolfpack Wing

Vande was absolutely stellar in Wichita. Vande lit up the scoreboard using his beautiful form jumper and size to shoot over the defense. Scoring seems to come with ease for Vande. The biggest improvement I have seen through him playing with the Wolfpack is he does not force shots. The ball moves with this squad and Vande is all in on team success. When Vande is taking good looks he is really tough to stop. He going to rise in the 2022 class in a major way if he keeps working at it like he has been. NCAA Low Major Division I programs get this guy on your list in 2022. 

Jaiell Talley Jaiell Talley 6'4" | PF Broken Arrow | 2021 State OK 2021 Tulsa Hawks Forward 

Talley was one of my favorite finds of the weekend. By size and frame Talley fits more of a Wing position but is perfectly fine filling the Forward role for the Hawks as a guy who rebounds, defends, and scores on taller bigger players. Talley used his quickness to his advantage all weekend long in the post. I love in a day and age where everyone wants to play on the perimeter Talley was okay with dominating the post. There is no doubt in my mind Talley could find a great fit at the NAIA level. 

Kaleb Gaddis Kaleb Gaddis 6'1" | PG Andover | 2021 State KS 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Kansas- Gaddis Point Guard 

At the Point Gaddis plays in more of a two Point Guard system due to the Team Buddy Buckets Kansas-Gaddis squad makeup. Gaddis is a prime example of a player being the star of their role. He displays good vision, creative handles, nice jumper, and a knack for scoring inside. The biggest thing that makes him a college scholarship level player is his competitive drive. With time winding down Gaddis took the ball coast to coast to give his team the go ahead bucket. He followed it with a huge steal at the end of the game to lift his squad to the Championship win.   

Drew Middleton Drew Middleton 5'9" | PG Circle | 2021 State KS 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Kansas- Hays Wing

Middleton shot the cover off the basketball in the contest I got to see him. I like his solid size on the Wing and think he fits well at the NAIA level in the KCAC. He will fit the role of a 3 and D guy over his college career. 

DJ Freeman DJ Freeman 6'4" | PF Casady | 2021 State OK 2021 H&H Elite Forward

Freeman was the best player on the court in their game against Buddy Buckets. He dominated showing he is more than just a four man. As the opportunity presented itself Freeman took full hold of it showing off his creative handles, tough finishes, athleticism, and sneaky good three-point shot. On top of all that he did what he has always been best at playing with a high motor grabbing rebounds, steals, and blocking shots on defense. Three Division I programs have offered Freeman so far his list should grow among the D1s needing a 4/3 man. The more I watch him I think Freeman will be a 3 in college quicker than expected. 

Isaac McDoulett Isaac McDoulett 6'6" | SG Tuttle | 2022 State OK 2022 Oklahoma Wolfpack Wing 

McDoulett was a blast to scout this past weekend for so many reasons. The 6’5 Wing showed off a very smooth fadeaway jumper that defenses had no answers for at all. Just when you forgot he can shoot from three-point range he’d hit a few to remind you. The sneaky good handle of McDoulett was on full display including a nice baseline jam off the bounce. McDoulett is a 6’5 prospect full of so much potential. He is just scratching the surface. 

Drew Nicholson Drew Nicholson 6'6" | PF Hoisington | 2021 State KS Kansas Kings 2021 Wing 

The 6’7 size of Nicholson on the Wing immediately stood out to me as I sat down to watch the Kansas Kings. Then I was even more excited to see a nice looking jumper splash the bottom of the net. He is a little slow footed but found ways to still get to the cup. He shot the ball well not only from three-point land but also from mid-range. Nicholson has loads of potential with good size small colleges should take a hard look at his game. 

Taye Sullivan Taye Sullivan 6'4" | SG Garber | 2022 State OK 2022 Oklahoma Wolfpack Wing 

Sullivan is best described as a player as a flat out winner. He was instrumental in the Oklahoma Wolfpack winning the 16U division. Sullivan has transformed his game and body into a 3-man. He looked sharp shooting the rock and getting to the basket. It seems every time the ball is in his hands Sullivan always make the right pass. To put the cherry on top Sullivan plays his butt off on defense shifting his feet at a high level. Sullivan projects to the D2 level. A state champion and now leading his grassroots team to huge wins Sullivan should start to pick up offers and interest soon

Ty Henry Ty Henry 6'4" | SG Seaman | 2022 State KS 2022 Kansas Hoggs Combo Guard

Henry is long and lanky with a good handle of the rock. The aggression he brought to the floor with the basketball in his hands opened up the lane for him quickly. Henry cashed in on great inside looks. Defensively, Henry does a good job using his long, lanky build to disrupt the opposing offense. He will be a small college recruit. 

Mike Quick Jr. 2022 Oklahoma Wolfpack Combo Guard

Quick has an old game soul. Every game he is going to grind it out doing all the little things to help you win. Slashing to the hoop to score inside around the trees is where Quick thrives. The offensive skill set of Quick is shaped around driving and slashing to the cup. Elite athleticism is what separates him and a great motor. When he gets a consistent jumper defenders are going to be in a lot of trouble. Quick is super productive at such a young age with so much potential. 

Garrett Robertson 2023 OZ Elite Point Guard 

Garrett Robertson came into the game for OZ Elite and changed the game immediately. He plays very under control limiting turnovers. He was dropping dimes left and right to teammates. The crafty handle he has helped him to get good looks inside at the hoop.

Seth Pratt Seth Pratt 6'2" | SG Tulsa Memorial | 2023 State OK 2022 Tulsa Hawks Wing

Shooter alert. Pratt can flat out shoot the basketball at an elite level. It seems Pratt is growing an inch every time I see him. Nearing 6’3 Pratt needs just a small crack in the defense to shred it with his jumper. Once he gets a constant drive to the hoop look out. Pratt is going to be a scoring problem over the next few years for teams. Small colleges file this name as a guy to keep track of in 2022. 

Max Alexander Max Alexander 6'0" | PG Buhler | 2021 State KS 2021 Kansas Pray N Play Point Guard

Alexander is a quick shifty Point Guard with a ton of upside. This is a prospect you want the ball in his hands playmaking as much as possible. Expert scorer including everything from shooting to attacking the basket. Alexander is highly underrated for all of the many positive things he does on the floor. He holds D2 offers and is getting D1 attention from several schools at the Low Major level. 

William Mays 2023 Team FOE OKC Point Guard

Mays has the ball on a yo-yo string playing under control at all times on the court. The bigger the moment got the better Mays played for Team FOE OKC. Scrappy defense from Mays led to instant fast break offense. The lightening fast speed of Mays makes it tough for defenders to stay with him on his way to the hoop. To add to how well he played Mays shot the three-point shot with phenomenal confidence. Mays has my full attention going forward in the Oklahoma 2023 Class.

Evan Guillory 2021 Victory Ministry Wing

Guillory was one of the best I saw of the entire tournament. A dynamic athlete who is constantly makes plays. He has such a smooth game making it look easy when he gets his buckets. The motor he has doesn’t turn off on defense either he has multiple chase down blocks. For a guy playing on a team he is not used to playing with he did a great job of playing within himself and helping the other guys feel comfortable on the floor. Guillory is going to be a steal for a college program. Although he has D1 offers the numbers are not near a player of his talent warrants. 

Hasani Spann Hasani Spann 5'11" | CG MICDS | 2021 State MO 2021 Saint Louis Blazers Wing

Holy Cow! Spann could not miss from three-point range for the Saint Louis Blazers. NAIA schools take this advise recruit Spann not just for his shooting skills. He has a 1500+ on his SAT score. Spann really had a great weekend shooting the basketball. 

Maven Moore Maven Moore 6'0" | SG Northwest Classen | 2021 State OK 2021 Oklahoma Chaos Guard

Moore is starting to burst onto the radar the more we get to watch him. The great change of pace he brings to the floor led to him getting open looks at close range. You can tell when a guy is used to seeing his shot fall Maven certainly has a confidence about him when the ball leaves his hands. My favorite part of his game? He sits down and guards forcing turnovers and tough possessions for opponents.  

Jr. 2021 Saint Louis Blazers Point Guard

Sanford has such a smooth easiness to his game. He is constantly putting pressure on the defense with the ball in his hands by making the right play, shooting the rock well, and having a nice little hesitation to drive by defenders to the cup. Several of the best D2s in the region are in hot pursuit of his talents with a few LM D1s talking to him as well. 

Carter Reid Carter Reid 6'0" | SG Bishop Carroll | 2021 State KS 2021 Kansas Pray N Play Point Guard

The word scrappy fits Reid like a glove. Rocking a mullet haircut Reid made quite the statement on and off the floor. Reid is creative off the bounce for his teammates as a pass first Point Guard. His unselfish play leads to great team chemistry and open shots. Just when teams start to plan for his great passes Reid doused them with a deep three-pointer. Reid would be an instant impact guy at the NAIA level.

Alex Littlejohn Alex Littlejohn 6'5" | CG Bishop Carroll | 2021 State KS 2021 Kansas Pray N Play Wing

Littlejohn does not do one thing particularly great but does so many things good. D2s are looking his way heavily and it was easy to see why. He rebounds, defends well using his length, can shoot it, and is a good slasher to the hoop. Littlejohn is going to make a nice fit for someone. His frame appears to be very college ready. 

Sean Franklin Sean Franklin 6'4" | SF Choctaw | 2021 State OK 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Wing 

Franklin continues to show signs of improvement in his game of being more of a Wing player. At times Buddy still needs him to bang down low and battle in the post, which he is great at using his athleticism and will to win each battle. He should start to see more and more D2s and JUCOs take strong looks at him with the great summer he is having for Buddy Buckets. Shooting the three-point shot is one of his biggest areas of improvement. Franklin could be a prospect who ultimately transitions to the 3 into a D1 prospect out of JUCO if chooses to do so and puts in the work. 

Josh Jordan 2021 Kansas Pray N Play Combo Guard

Shooter alert. Jordan continues to be one of the top shooters I have seen this summer from the state of Kansas. It just takes him seeing one ball go through the basket and next thing you know he has 4 three-pointers to follow. He’s got a little wiggle to him off the bounce that helped him slip by defenders for two. D2’s give Jordan a strong look as a scorer, but not a guy that forces up a ton of bad shots.

Nyjahl Vaughn Nyjahl Vaughn 5'11" | CG Cardinal Ritter | 2021 State MO 2021 Saint Louis Blazers Point Guard

Vaughn is a scrappy and tough slightly undersized Point. Each game out Vaughn plays with a chip on his shoulder. He was a pest on defense all day today and found ways to score at all three levels. He really got hot from three-point range in his game against a very good Kansas Pray N Play squad. Small colleges looking for a PG take a look at him out of Cardinal Ritter Prep. 

Conner Seely 2022 Oklahoma Eagles Wing

Seely is a high volume shooter that brought a lot of toughness to the Oklahoma Eagles on the Wing. A constant pest on defense led to steals and forcing opposing guards into bad shots. The length of Seely is very intriguing. A high energy player that can hit some shots Seely does need to work on taking a little better shots at times. Potential to be a small college scholarship player is certainly there for Seely.

Austin Osby 2022 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard

Osby is a quick small guard with a deadly pull-up jumper. Do not let him see the ball go through the hoop a few times from distance he can heat up as quick as a microwave. Osby has a beautiful jumper but that is not all. The shiftiness of Osby allows him to make his footprint in the paint and get a quick two. He will be a younger guy I keep an eye on. 

Mikey Hunnicutt 2022 Oklahoma Eagles Post

Little Steven Adams is the nickname I gave Hunnicutt. His hair flops in the wind as he skies for rebounds using his 6’7 frame to snag the basketball. Hunnicutt is an old fashion bruiser in the Post. All the dirty work falls underneath his load and he loves it. Setting screens, boxing out, boards, adjusting shots, diving after loose balls are just a few of the things Hunnicutt enjoys doing. His footwork isn’t perfect but for his age is pretty darn good allowing him to find easy points inside. He was instrumental in helping the Oklahoma Eagles to the Championship game of the 16U bracket. 

Trey Gaines 2021 OYG Guard

Gaines is a two way Guard out of Beggs, OK. What instantly catches your eye is how he attacks downhill off the bounce. If you pay too much attention to him on the drive he will make you pay from three-point range. Gaines has been flying under the radar for the most part but could use this past weekend in Wichita as a launching point for his recruitment. JUCO to NAIA level would be a good fit for Gaines. 

David Owusu David Owusu 6'2" | SG Westmoore | 2021 State OK 2021 H&H Elite Point Guard

As I scanned the floor I stumbled upon a great find at the Point Guard spot for H&H. Owusu is a tough minded guard who really let his defense fuel the rest of his game. Not once in the entire game did he let his man forget he was right there with him. Good solid vision on offense mixed with some nice touch on his passes led to easy buckets. Slashing and off the bounce is where Owusu totaled most of points. Owusu is definitely a prospect NAIA KCAC schools should start taking a strong peek at. 

Na’Kylan Starks 2023 OYG Guard

Starks was a major contributor in OYG 15U group getting to the Championship game. Not only did he help them get there he performed big when the lights were the brightest on Sunday afternoon. Starks could not miss hitting five straight three-pointers. Although OYG did not come out on top Starks made sure we knew who he was going forward. He still has three years left to show people his skills. 

Lathan Boone 2023 OYG Guard

Boone is a Combo Guard with good size and length who gave teams trouble at both ends. Opposing defenses struggled to stop him because of his ability to score in all three phases of the game. Many times with hands in his face Boone found ways to knock down big shot after big shot. His crafty handle is what gets him to the cup off the bounce. Boone is not only a scorer either as he many times used that crafty handle to open up a teammate. 

Luke O’Neal Luke O’Neal 6'2" | SF Bethany | 2021 State OK 2021 H&H Elite Wing

O’Neal was a great small college find in Wichita. He could fit perfect at an NAIA school in the KCAC. The length he has on the Wing gave teams problems as he exploited the passing lanes leading to run out buckets for H&H. When the ball goes up in the air O’Neal is ready to fight for position and do everything in his power to come down with it. He also shot the ball pretty well from behind the arc giving his team a big boost on the offensive end. 

JV Seat JV Seat 6'3" | SF Edmond Memorial | 2022 State OK 2022 Team Buddy Buckets Forward

Production. Production. Production. All this young man does is produce points, rebounds, steals, blocks, you name it Mr. Seat does it. He recently added another D2 offer from Oklahoma Baptist this week. The biggest thing working against Seat is his size at the Forward spot. He doesn’t care what height he is all he does is produce. I’d take this young man on my team any day of the week. As far as where he projects going forward I do like his improved three-point shot and want to see him continue to improve his outside game. 

Christian Williams Christian Williams 6'0" | CG Trinity | 2021 State KS 2021 Team Perry Ellis Elite Point Guard 

Williams came alive off the dribble for Team Perry Ellis Elite in their second contest. Once he saw the first few fall he scored in a variety of ways. Williams big first half performance was one of the best opening periods we saw all weekend. Keep an eye out for him as a small college prospect. 

Matthew Stone Matthew Stone 6'4" | SF Kingfisher | 2021 State OK 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Wing

Stone is a recent addition to the Team Buddy Buckets squad. He has fit in nicely in large part due to one of the best attitudes you will see on the court. His wiliness to do whatever is asked of him is going to be something the D1 college that lands him loves. Program guy is what I think when I hear the name Matthew Stone Matthew Stone 6'4" | SF Kingfisher | 2021 State OK . He is someone I would want to be the cornerstone of my team due to his hard work and of course talent. Stone excelled at slashing to the hoop making tough contested finishes. The scrappy play of Stone on defense turned steals into instant offense. He is an old school game type of guy that just simply does whatever he can to help his team win games. Stone has many D1 offers on the table with a growing list by the week. 

James Locke James Locke 6'3" | SG Carl Albert | 2021 State OK 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Guard

Locke is another one on this list who would have D2 and JUCO offers likely if colleges were able to be as active as normal. His game is summed up best as a sharpshooting 6’3 versatile Wing. Shooting always projects well to the next level. If he had an inch of room Locke put on his sniper outfit hitting bullseye over 50%. One thing I am noticing a lot this summer is Locke seems to shoot it better in the clutch moments. Locke has some good upside with growth over the past year in driving the ball to the hoop. The more comfortable Locke gets driving the ball to the hoop the tougher he will be able to stop becoming multidimensional.  

Dalante Shannon Dalante Shannon 6'2" | CG Edmond North | 2021 State OK 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Combo Guard

Over the weekend when Team Buddy Buckets needed Shannon to step up he delivered in numerous ways. The biggest thing he brought to the table every game was his stellar defense. Active hands, fluid movement, footwork, length, and elite athleticism make Shannon an elite defender. Shifty moves to the hoop made Shannon an unstoppable force getting to the basket. Last but not least Shannon did a great job of finding open teammates for great looks at the hoop. D1s I encourage you please take a look if you need a 6’3 Combo Guard.  

Caison Hartloff Caison Hartloff 6'4" | SG Claremore | 2021 State OK 2021 Tulsa Hawks Wing

Hartloff looked like LeBron in the NBA Finals against the Warriors chasing down opponents in transition for huge blocks at the rim. For quite some time Hartloff has been regarded as a sharpshooter. It is time we add to the tag of “sharpshooter”. The biggest attribute he has improved is his athleticism helping him to finish around the basket on the drive, block shots, and hang with quicker guards on defense. The handle of Hartloff off the bounce has also progressed his game. Hartloff holds multiple Division II offers and the interest should only continue to grow. 

Jake Gendron Jake Gendron 6'5" | SF Bishop Kelley | 2021 State OK 2021 Tulsa Hawks Wing

As I glanced down upon the Wichita Hoops Facility to watch the Tulsa Hawks instantly my mind goes into shock with just how much Gendron has grown. He is a legit 6’5 pushing towards 6’6. D2 programs in Oklahoma and beyond are pushing hard for his talents. What he did this weekend was make tough shots left and right with hands in his face. D2s you may be late to the party but he is certainly worth taking a strong look at. He did also land his first Division I offer recently from Navy. 

Parker Friedrichsen Parker Friedrichsen 6'4" | SG Bixby | 2023 State OK 2023 Tulsa Hawks Wing

Friedrichsen is known as one of the best shooters in the entire state of Oklahoma and you could probably expand that to regionally in the 2023 class. The contest I saw this weekend was not his best shooting show, but instead of going into a shell he burst out and blossomed using his improved handle to get to the basket and score. The highest compliment you can give a shooter who is not shooting it well in my opinion is that they found ways to still impact the game positively. Friedrichsen did just that for the Tulsa Hawks. Another thing college coaches are going to want to know is how much he has grown. Friedrichsen is growing like a weed nearing 6’4 range easily. The future is extremely bright for him Mid to High Major D1 coaches take note of this one.

Camarion Cudjo 2023 FOE OKC Elite Point Guard

Cudjo caught my eye in his first game of the tournament although I only saw the last thirty seconds of the game. Why you ask? He hit a game winner to lift his team to victory at the buzzer on a tough fadeway floater. Then I got to see a couple full games of him. What excites me is his motor, which never turns off. Driving the ball to the cup he uses some shake with the rock in his hand coupled with speed to score. Cudjo is undersized but is going to find a place to play in college no matter if he grows or not because of his motor and competitive drive. Defense is where he makes his mark constantly putting pressure on his man at all times. Defense into offense is Cudjo’s game. 

Ron Hishaw 2023 Tulsa Hawks Guard

Hishaw is a prospect I had no knowledge of entering the weekend. Watching him take on a more talented squad and not back down was exciting. He is a competitor. At the point of attack the slick handle of Hishaw led him to openings in the defense. He has deep range with a smooth pull-up jumper off the bounce. I will be keeping my eye on him to see how he progresses going forward. 

Abraham Aghesedo 2021 Oklahoma Power Forward 

Aghesedo is massively overlooked in the paint. He is an absolute force down low on the boards on both ends of the floor. The upside of Aghesedo is through the roof due to a number of things. First off his skill level for a guy who has not played basketball extensively growing up is big time. He has the size people want at 6’8, is as strong as a bull, active hands on defense, and continues to improve his footwork on offense. I see him as a D2 high level impact guy out of Edmond North or if he chooses so to be a big time JUCO Forward who could easily with hard work over two years go Division I.  

Landry Harris Landry Harris 5'11" | PG Enid | 2021 State OK 2021 Oklahoma Power Point Guard 

Harris had his ups and downs on the floor this weekend. There were way more ups than downs due to his leadership and command of the Point. At the point of attack Harris does not blind your eyes with flash instead it is consistent craftiness that produces at a high level points. We are seeing Harris become an improved three-point shooter. He also had the shot of the weekend hitting a buzzer beater to lift the Power to victory over a tough Tulsa Hawks Elite squad. Sure, Harris is undersized at the Point but that is not going to slow down any D2s from recruiting his talents. Harris is going to continue to receive lots of interest to go along with his offers at the D2 level. I think Harris is a building block piece as a program type of guy every coach seeks out. 

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