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Time to revisit the Class of 2021 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

81 Kaleb MeredithKalebMeredith6'1" | PGUniversity | 2021StateTN 6’0″ / G University      
82 Darrow Parrish IIDarrowParrish II5'10" | PGHillsboro | 2021StateTN 5’10″ / PG Hillsboro      
83 Eli FedermanEliFederman5'10" | PGChristian Brothers | 2021StateTN 5’10″ / PG Christian Brothers      

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#81 Kaleb MeredithKalebMeredith6'1" | PGUniversity | 2021StateTN (University)

Destroyed Class A competition.  Incredibly creative.  Surpassed 2,000 point plateau already.  University High witnessed a scoring deluge all winter long from Kaleb MeredithKalebMeredith6'1" | PGUniversity | 2021StateTN, who averaged 24.5 points per game.  Most possessions opposing coaches and players knew Kaleb would attack and look to score.  Still, the junior finished at a cozy 50.3% from the field.  Facing the best defenders in the state KM would still be a scoring threat.  He lacks some height for the position and needs to get stronger for the college defenders he will ultimately face.  Guile is a plus. The left-hander Kaleb cares about defense.  His quickness is slightly better than average, but not the kind of quickness that overwhelms dribblers.  To defend effectively on the perimeter Kaleb needs to work and shuffle frenetically and he does.  Meredith commits to winning basketball on both ends of the floor despite carrying a massive responsibility as a scorer. Decent vertical explosion. During his incredible junior season, Meredith surpassed the 2,000 point plateau by scoring 24.5 ppg on 50.3%.  His ability to create is exceptional.  Kaleb is not just capable but thrives at pull-up jumpers to his left and right.  The game is broad and difficult to predict as a defender. 

#82 Darrow Parrish IIDarrowParrish II5'10" | PGHillsboro | 2021StateTN (Hillsboro)

Former PrepHoopsTN Combine all-star, Darrow Parrish IIDarrowParrish II5'10" | PGHillsboro | 2021StateTN is an exciting prospect with a sneaky potent game.  For the balanced Hillsboro High School team, Darrow averaged 8.0 points per game while starting alongside Jaylen PeguesJaylenPegues6'2" | PGHillsboro | 2021StateTN, Jalen MaconJalenMacon6'5" | SGHillsboro | 2021TN, Ryan WilcoxRyanWilcox6'3" | SFHillsboro | 2020StateTN.  Parrish II was the fourth highest scorer and played more combo than point because any reasonable coach prefers the ball in Pegues’ hands.  As a college prospect, Parrish II projects as a point guard.  The handle is better than average and Parrish II finishes off his free throws (70.0%).  DP needs to improve his outside shooting to elevate his college value.  In 96 attempts, Parrish II made 35 triples.  That 36% shooting from deep is certainly a number to tick up. 

Slightly above average speed from end-to-end for a college guard prospect.  Darrow sees the floor tremendously well in the both the uptempo game and during halfcourt sets.  


#83 Eli FedermanEliFederman5'10" | PGChristian Brothers | 2021StateTN (Christian Brothers)

Christian Brothers guard [player_tooltip player_id="537286" first="Eli" last="Federman"] is quick as they come. Highly skilled. Tenacious.

On the cusp of a college career.  Eli FedermanEliFederman5'10" | PGChristian Brothers | 2021StateTN performed well in 2019-2020 and belongs firmly in the top 100 in the state.

Eli FedermanEliFederman5'10" | PGChristian Brothers | 2021StateTN’s ranking rose, then fell, and now rose again.  Federman is a tricky one to predict because he will always be a guard on the smaller side, and yet he continues to develop skill rapidly.  Few in the state can match his diabolical mixture of speed and intensity.  Eli doesn’t get the dominate the ball at Christian Brothers, but were he entrusted with larger responsibility he would be absolutely capable.  Federman would really have benefited from the AAU season and a chance to showcase his multi-faceted game with new teammates and a bigger individual role.


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