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Time to revisit the Class of 2021 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

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#76 Harper NealHarperNeal6'0" | PGKingston | 2021StateTN (Kingston)

Following the 2019 AAU spring-portion, Team Passion Director named Harper the 16u Team MVP.   “Harper is a point guard that checks many boxes; good slasher and finisher, drive and dick guy, good athlete, he shoots the ball well, rebounds, defends and just competes with an undeniable grit.” Harper’s lower body balance is wonderful.  The sharpshooting guard projects as a point guard at the NAIA-D2 level.  Harper can create his own shot deftly. Harper NealHarperNeal6'0" | PGKingston | 2021StateTN needs to bulk up to be successful in the lane at the college level. Smooth, flawless, repeatable shooting motion.

#77 Travis DockeryTravisDockery5'9" | PGRidgeway | 2021StateTN (Ridgeway)

Burst. Elite first step speed.  Dockery is up to 5-foot-10.  Travis is a steady defender with unorthodox tactics, bounding around quickly.  On defense, Dockery maturely guides the dribbler towards dangerous zones.  Dockery is a savvy defensive player with exceptionally high basketball I.Q. Ok, not remarkable outside shooter.  Thrives in the open floor.  Sees teammates expertly when dashing up the court in transition.  Very light on his feet.


#78 Joshua AlexanderJoshuaAlexander6'6" | SFBlackman | 2021StateTN (Clarksville Northeast)

Read about a full evaluation on Josh Alexander completed in spring ’19. 

Joshua AlexanderJoshuaAlexander6'6" | SFBlackman | 2021StateTN, 6’4″ WG (Clarksville Northeast) — 2021

  • PrepHoopsTN Combine All-Star Selection
  • Standing Reach — 101″ or 8’5″
  • 6’4″ 182 pounds
  • Wingspan — 6’9″
  • Vertical — 20.5″
  • Hand Length — 9″
  • Lane Agility — 12.33, 11.99
  • Spring Combine Ranking — #3


A 6-foot-4 sophomore, Josh Alexander is still in the process of maturing into a wing attacker.  Because his soft touch around the rim is so consistent he often drifts into the lane late in possessions.  Alexander is a really sound Class AAA combo forward with long arms (6-foot-9 wingspan) and wonderful offensive rebounding instincts.  As good as Clarksville Northeast’s Alexander is in close his future exists as a 2/3 defender with versatility.

The +5 wingspan is fantastic.  Most elite basketball players feature numbers in this realm.  Alexander’s vertical jump of 20.5″ is surprisingly low.  Both Sunday and during his high school season Alexander appeared to be slightly above average athletically than Class AAA-caliber varsity players.  He saw his minutes taper off in February for a surging Northeast team.  When he played a lot he was never outmatched athletically or physically.  These, to the eye, seem to be strengths.  Again his vertical does not report he is the leaper his game usually reveals.

In a combine littered with strong shooters, Alexander did more in tight and owned the glass.  Nobody was able to body him off his preferred rebounding launchpads.  At 182 pounds, Alexander was the second heaviest camper though not even kind of overweight.  Lean muscle and powerful.  

Skills that need improving include finishing with the off hand, outside shooting.  Alexander’s handle is good, but can be great with more attention this off-season. 

Alexander plays with a fantastic feel for the game.  There is a beautiful smoothness to his movements and he often meets the basketball off the rim as opponents are reacting.  The instincts of Alexander are a plus asset.  Lateral quickness is a strength even though his lane agility times were just ok (11.99).  Josh defends the perimeter or high blocks well.  He projects as a low major (OVC-Atlantic Sun) defender.  Offensively, the touch is sound.  Outside shots are not poor.  They are just lacking in the consistency he should strive for.  Further, Alexander’s rise prior to release is lower than it could be.  As defenders get taller around the arc Alexander will need an even higher release point to get unimpeded shots off.

Judging by his physique and emotional investment, Alexander will get there very soon defensively.  His offense, though above average inside 8′, will take a little more time.  Alexander needs to both set his feet before the catch and take and make more outside shots to improve his shooting range. 

The two best sophomores at the Spring Combine were Ametri MossAmetriMoss6'0" | PGClarksville Northwest | 2021StateTN and Joshua AlexanderJoshuaAlexander6'6" | SFBlackman | 2021StateTN.  Each proved different paths of potential and Alexander specifically looked like a future college starter at the Division II level.  With enough skill development he will get an outside shot at the coveted Division I level.

#79 Jailen AndersonJailenAnderson6'1" | PGSouthside | 2021StateTN (Jackson South Side)

Good first-step.  Quick and fast both.  Anderson is one of many college-bound players dressing for South Side.  Winner.  Anderson can slash with the best of them. 

#80 Thomas SeamanThomasSeaman6'5" | PFPage | 2021StateTN (Page)

Thomas SeamanThomasSeaman6'5" | PFPage | 2021StateTN brings a technically advanced game to the floor.  His steps are crisp and decisive.  Seaman, though undersized at the college-4, is capable of making fantastically sharp post moves.  He is well-trained and absolutely cerebral.  Seaman will play more on the wing in college.  How will he fit that role?  Seaman’s outside shot is great.  The release point is high.  The fluid motion lacks hiccups or “junk”.  


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