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New Orleans Metro Areas Top 25 Basketball Players

 With Covid-19 restrictions being eased around the country, and tournaments underway, now is the time to give a preview to the New Orleans Metro areas Top 25 players. The players on this list have been evaluated by their performances in-person games, videos, and underground workouts. Looking at their performances, production, projection, and potential players have been slotted accordingly. Consequently, another factor was used to help, and that was intangibles: how are guys affecting the game without the basketball. This is very important at the next level because players ball dominate players will have to find other ways to have an impact on the game. Also, included are key questions that must be answered for players to move up in their recruiting or ranking. 


  1. Chris Lockett Chris Lockett 6'5" | CG Isidore Newman | 2023 State #28 Nation LA 2023 CG Newman– The area’s top-ranked player is a rising sophomore. This youngster has had an impact on his teams since before entering the prep ranks, and this season was no different as a Newman Greenie helping lead them to a state runner-up. Now at 6’5” Lockett has ideal positional size to be a combo guard. Nevertheless, heavy is the head that wears the crown, can Lockett continue to push himself and continue to develop. Or become comfortable at the top.
  2. Kyran Ratliff Kyran Ratliff 6'8" | PF Washington | 2022 #190 Nation LA 2022 6’8″ Forward BT Washington– This prospect has the size, agility, and athletic ability of no other player in the metro area. In post-season workouts, Ratliff has been impressive with his perimeter shot. With time and success playing inside out Ratliff could challenge for the top spot.
  3. Javon Ruffin Javon Ruffin 6'5" | CG Phhoenix Prep | 2021 State #239 Nation AZ 2021 6’4″ CG Newman– Early in his career, Ruffin was a Swiss Army knife for his teams. However, Ruffin has concentrated his game on becoming a solid combo guard. Ruffin play well last season, and was money from the 3-point line. Furthermore, if Ruffin shows continued confidence and agility the #3 spot will belong to someone else, because he will be moving up.
  4. Solomon Washington Solomon Washington 6'7" | SF Carver | 2022 State #147 Nation LA 2022 6’7″ SF Carver– Risk reward will summarize this players position at the #4 spot. Washington is not a polished product, and as a rising junior, he shouldn’t. Many will talk about what he can’t do, but what he does is……compete. Washington has length, athleticism, and a motor. He can take his man out of the game on the defensive end and have players hesitate or second guess shooting when he flying from the weakside. Living in the gym and weight room will make Washington a hot commodity.
  5. Dorian Finister Dorian Finister 6'5" | SF Carver | 2022 State #244 Nation LA 2022 6’5″ SG Carver– When people say out of nowhere, they would be referring to Finister. Dropping into the lap of Carver H.S. last season, Finister was a welcome surprise. He was able to come in and play freely. With positional size and athleticism, Finister catches your eye easily. However, he must improve in his half-court offense and intangibles to maintain a spot this high in the rankings.
  6. Jamond Vincent Jamond Vincent 6'2" | SG Landry-Walker | 2021 State LA 2021 6’2″ Wing Landry Walker – When thinking about athletes one of the top metro players that come to mind is Vincent. Strong with a body to compliment Vincent can be a load for opposing defenders jumping over them or bullying his way to his spot. Also, his shot has improved. Looking to see an improvement in his feel for the game.
  7. Isaiah Crawford Isaiah Crawford 6'3" | CG Archbishop Shaw | 2021 State LA 2021 6’3″ Shaw– Now let me introduce a guy who plays the glue guy on his Shaw Eagles team. Doing the dirty work of rebounding and guarding bigger players Crawford can be overlooked by the casual fan. But this athletic well-rounded player can be very effective without the basketball and dribble, pass, and shoot with a feel on any guard on his team. Most of all Crawford is a great student with solid character.
  8. Theo Johnson Theo Johnson 5'11" | CG Bonnabel | 2021 State LA 2021 5’11″ Bonnable – Theo who? Theo Johnson Theo Johnson 5'11" | CG Bonnabel | 2021 State LA ! This young man is the straw that stirs the drink for the Bruins. A lot of attention is paid to his teammates and the success of his team. But all of this would be for naught without Johnson’s ball-handling, shooting, and decisions at the point position. If Johnson was 3 inches taller someone would be moving down on this list. With continued work on the defensive end and confidence, opponents will have problems.
  9. Alex Hammond Alex Hammond 6'3" | CG McMain | 2022 State LA 2022 6’3″ Wing McMain– The waiting game is what would describe Hammond. Talent is not a question, but aggression and consistency are question marks when watching Hammond. Hopefully, this Summer we get a chance to see it put together. I almost forgot another question would be what position does Hammond play? Is he a dribbler, point guard, or wing?
  10. Will Allen Will Allen 6'7" | PF Bonnabel | 2021 State LA 2021 6’6″ Forward Bonnable– Rounding out the top 10 is the workhorse for the Bruins. This young man is an example of hard work and sheer will at play. Can’t wait to see what improvements will have made this summer.
  11. Kaden Pierre Kaden Pierre 6'3" | SG Hahnville | 2020 State LA 2021 6’3″ Wing Hahnville– Decent size and a good frame to add weight on makes Pierre an ideal candidate at the next level. In one of his team’s worst performances last year Pierre refused to not compete as he scraped and bullied for rebounds and point for his team. Can he continue with that this summer? We will be looking.
  12. Devon Lizana Devon Lizana 6'1" | CG Salmen | 2021 State LA 2021 6’1″ CG Salmen– a calm, cool, collected performer at the lead guard is Lizana. His ability to handle and shoot the basketball makes him a guy to look at. With more aggressive play plenty of attention will be on Lizana.
  13. Claudell Harris Claudell Harris 6'3" | CG Hahnville | 2021 State LA 2021 6’0″ CG Hahnville – In basketball one question you must ask who has the shooter. Harris has had a reputation as a shooter. And he has been decent. But this summer Harris must show he’s a MAKER!!! Big shot maker, key shot maker, consistent shot-maker to play a shooting guard at the next level. Or learn to run and manage a team. A question scout will also ask what’s his impact on the game without the ball.
  14. Treyvontay Alford Treyvontay Alford 6'3" | CG Sophie B. Wright | 2022 State LA 2022 6’3″ CG S.B.Wright – The mystery man Treyvontay Alford Treyvontay Alford 6'3" | CG Sophie B. Wright | 2022 State LA will make himself know a little more this summer. The cat-like instincts of defense are what stand out to me. You can not get careless with passes or he will turn them to layups on the other end. Alford also
  15. Tyren Lebeauf 2022 5’11″ CG Hahnville – This guy has some tools; he can mix it up shooting and slashing. He has the energy, but the question is how efficient can he become. Also, can he be more than a guy who needs the ball to be impactful?
  16. Alexzaye Johnson Alexzaye Johnson 6'3" | PG Helen Cox | 2022 State LA 2022 6’2″ PG Helen Cox – Johnson is the quiet storm. Having played the background or supporting role most of his young life, the question is can Johnson morphs into the Alpha male or taps into his inner assassin? If so Top 10 here he comes.
  17. Corey Skillman Corey Skillman 6'4" | SG Brother Martin | 2023 State LA 2023 6’3″ CG Brother Martin– Going out on a limb here with the second frosh on this list. Skillman has the tools needed to become a top offensive player. What he must improve on is his mindset and preparation. Young players don’t always fall in love with the things that win, like the daily grind and defense. Being an example and team leader in these will show that Skillman is ready.
  18. Kurt Labeaud 2021 5’11″ PG Crescent City – The Division IV Championship games MOP can be a handful with his attacking style of play whether driving or shooting. Labeaud must better manage games by improving his assist to turnover ratio and becoming a stout defender. These two improvements will cause a rise in his stock.
  19. Taj Gilyot Taj Gilyot 6'3" | SG McMain | 2021 State LA 2021 6’3″ PG McMain– The best point guard prospect on his Mustang team. Gilyot’s size for his position is a key asset. But to push his recruitment he must improve on his intangibles and shooting. Point guards who can shoot well catch coaches attention right away.
  20. Jordan Boston Jordan Boston 6'1" | CG Sophie B. Wright | 2021 State LA 2021 6’1″ CG S.B.Wright– Boston has proven himself to be a tough and consistent player in the S.B. Wright system. He is a competitor that has played off the ball, but will be trying the role of point guard. We will be out looking to see how well Boston makes decisions, feel, and defense at that position.
  21. Jeffery Landry 2022 6’5″ SF East Jefferson– The bull in the china shop must prove he’s worth the price of admission. He has decent size, blessed with a great frame, plus a pretty good I.Q. compared to most players in his class. But inquiring minds want to know is Landry….Clarke Kent or is he Superman?
  22. Nassir DeGruy 2021 6’2″ CG St. Augustine – Now or never…yeah, that’s about right. Playing in the shadows or the understudy role at St.Augustine, the question is can the quick hands and good feel from the guard spot meet the dog needed to become an elite player.
  23. Ryan Elzy Ryan Elzy 6'1" | CG Ponchatoula | 2021 State LA 2021 6’1″ CG Pontchatoula – The electric shooter from Pontchatula has had steady prep performances. But, this summer we are seeing if Elzy can comfortably dominate from the lead guard position.
  24. Lorenzo Caldwell Lorenzo Caldwell 6'5" | SF Slidell | 2021 State LA 2021 6’5″ SF Slidell – Caldwell has crept along in his career. With decent size and body type, Caldwell is a tweener. Playing the forward for his school team, he doesn’t get much opportunity to create or operate on the perimeter. This summer we will be looking for improvements in that area.
  25. Christian Ferguson Christian Ferguson 6'4" | SG Booker T. Washington | 2022 State LA 2022 6’1″ CG BT Washington– The metro areas most consistent and maybe top shooter is Ferguson. He does well sliding along the perimeter with his catch and shoot. Nevertheless, Ferguson must do more…. with the ball as a guard, and without the ball in terms of intangibles. Can he and is he ready for the next step? 



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