Posted On: 05/19/20 3:38 PM

Time to revisit the Class of 2021 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

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The following players are now ranked in the Top 180 statewide (LEFT-new rank).  



#156 Ben BranlundBenBranlund6'3" | SFWhite House Heritage | 2021StateTN (White House Heritage)

Branlund was one of the best forwards in 9AA.  His numbers were not as good as many of the forwards in the top 100 though.  Branlund scored 8.4 ppg with 5.8 rebounds a night.  Specifically, Branlund needs to prove he can more efficient from the floor.  The 44.3% field goals is vexing for a forward.  


#157 Quese NanceQueseNance5'8" | PGFayetteville | 2021StateTN (Fayetteville)

Slight point guard.  Quick.  Stands 5-foot-8.  Emotionally invests in on-ball defense. Nance helped FHS recover from the graduation of Julius Dixon by averaging 12 ppg.  Nance pulled down 3.1 rebounds per game. His height limits his college potential, but the capacity to impact a high school game is very high.  


#158 Kheller DieKhellerDie6'4" | SFStation Camp | 2021StateTN (Station Camp)

Station Camp’s Kheller DieKhellerDie6'4" | SFStation Camp | 2021StateTN is probably a surprising name to most basketball fans.  He could even be a complete unknown.  Die landed in the rankings with potential.  Station Camp had a difficult starting lineup to crack last season and Die was behind three college-bound players (Cameron GerlachCameronGerlach6'4" | PFStation Camp | 2020StateTN, Kavon BlankenshipKavonBlankenship6'2" | SGStation Camp | 2020StateTN, Eli ThurstonEliThurston6'5" | SFStation Camp | 2020StateTN), so the numbers are not that impressive on paper.  Die averaged 7 points per and 5 rebounds per.  Why does he deserve to be ranked in the top 160?  Kheller hit the three as a junior at 6-foot-4.  Now, Die is up to 6-foot-5 and maintains the quick feet that make him a potential college basketball player.  Kheller can defend multiple positions and hit the outside shot.  His makeup is ideal for the modern game.

#159 Elijah BucknerElijahBuckner6'6" | PFSiegel | 2021StateTN (Siegel)

Still fighting for a bigger role on Siegel’s loaded roster.  Elijah is a powerful, instinctual rebounder in a state that typically puts out far too few big men for the college recruiters who scour it.  Buckner will have to play spectacular his senior season to attract the attentions of college scouts, but he is physically capable.  

#160 Peyton MoorePeytonMoore5'10" | PGBriarcrest Christian | 2021StateTN (Briarchrest Christian)

Shooter with promise.  The hard part is finding minutes when Kennedy ChandlerKennedyChandler6'1" | PGSunrise Chrisitan | 2021State#14NationKS is obviously never coming off the floor. Cooper Haynes (Class of 2023) is another Saint on the rise who will earn his minutes next season.  Peyton’s height for his position and ability to knock down shots helped to land him in this iteration of the player rankings. For what it is worth, Briarcrest graduated a large, very productive senior class.

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