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Time to revisit the Class of 2021 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

106 CJ TaylorCJTaylor6'1" | CGWarren County | 2021StateTN 6’1″ / CG Warren County      
107 Amarion DillardAmarionDillard6'1" | PGTyner | 2021StateTN 6’1″ / PG Tyner Academy      
108 Dylan WoodsDylanWoods6'5" | SFMAHS | 2021StateTN 6’5″ / SF MAHS Hoop City Elite    
109 Camin PattersonCaminPatterson5'9" | PGAntioch | 2021StateTN 5’9″ / PG Antioch      
110 Kadarius PriceKadariusPrice6'3" | SGEzell-Harding | 2021StateTN 6’3″ / SG Ezell-Harding Club 51

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The following players are now ranked in the Top 110 statewide (LEFT-new rank).  


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#106 CJ TaylorCJTaylor6'1" | CGWarren County | 2021StateTN (Warren County)

With the toughness of a football player, because he is a football star, CJ TaylorCJTaylor6'1" | CGWarren County | 2021StateTN helped Warren County accomplish something staggering…a District Championship! CJ earned District MVP.  Taylor is great finishing against anybody because he is both tough and athletic.  Natural body strength compounded by hard work in the weight room. Bull strong.  Likely to pursue college football over basketball.

#107 Amarion DillardAmarionDillard6'1" | PGTyner | 2021StateTN (Tyner Academy)

Thin, but not weak.  Amarion is a versatile scorer with a serviceable step-back jumper. Mentally tough.  Unafraid of contact. Dillard can score against quick defenders.  That is a notable skill.  Many of the top players outside of Memphis are excellent scorers, but they play against slow dudes who have no college potential.  Because Dillard is already scoring against faster guards, he is more easy to imagine at the college level.


#108 Dylan WoodsDylanWoods6'5" | SFMAHS | 2021StateTN (MAHS)

Absurd leaper.  Woods is a naturally smooth rebounder who played forward mostly during his young years.  He projects as a bouncy 2/3 beyond high school.  Played for Lausanne Collegiate prior to attending MAHS in his junior season.  Does not need to be the star to play with heart and toughness.  Wonderful teammate.


#109 Camin PattersonCaminPatterson5'9" | PGAntioch | 2021StateTN (Antioch)

Volume scorer.  Camin played for first year head coach William Belliford at Antioch High School.  Like many program rebuilds, the Antioch one was not filled with wins.  Camin kept the team afloat multiple nights. Patterson’s body control mid-air really enables him to be a scoring threat in the paint.  To be fair, Camin PattersonCaminPatterson5'9" | PGAntioch | 2021StateTN did not face college-level frontlines, but he did thrive against the men he met.  Patterson showed off a nice change-of-direction.

#110 Kadarius PriceKadariusPrice6'3" | SGEzell-Harding | 2021StateTN (Ezell-Harding)

Almost certainly will play college football.  Kadarius dominated 15u AAU basketball with Club 51.  His athleticism is unique.  Price played above the rim the last 18 months.  Price is a natural, smooth attacker on the wing.  Though he stands 6-foot-2, Price is undeniably a wing prospect.  Kadarius earned a football offer from Austin this spring.

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