Posted On: 03/30/20 3:32 PM

The way the 2020 high school season may have all of us feeling a little missed out, but we’re here to bring you something to debate about with our updated class of 2021 rankings in the state of Virginia!

We have expanded the rankings by 25 players to 125, adding over 30 players to the rankings. The rankings are meant to be a starting point for college coaches, not an end all be all, and they will continue to be updated and changed so if you aren’t happy you still have time to prove us wrong!

With this free overview we’re going to give you a couple of tid bits to preview everything, but the real content will come later. Be prepared for content including in depth breakdowns of all of our new additions and a look at the rankings by position as well. In other words, if you haven’t subscribed now would be the time to do so! Enjoy!

Changes the Top 10

The Top 10 looks much different with both some departures and some additions from the season. We have a new #1 in the state in Paul VI wing Trevor KeelsTrevorKeels6'4" | SGPaul VI | 2021State#38NationVA who was sitting at #2 before, and while he leap frogged Steward’s Efton ReidEftonReid7'0" | CThe Steward School | 2021State#32NationVA they both are considered 5 star recruits and either one would be deserving of the spot.

While we don’t rank post grad players in our senior rankings, there were quite a few players that played up on post grad teams will be included in these rankings. #4 Gabe WiznitzerGabeWiznitzer7'0" | CHargrave | 2021StateVA and #7 Mark SearsMarkSears6'1" | CGHargrave | 2021StateVA both were very productive starters on Hargrave’s post grad team and will return next year after finishing the season as the second ranked post grad team in the country. #8 Markus IlverMarkusIlver6'7" | SFMassanutten | 2021StateVA of Massanutten from Estonia was another guy who played post grad ball at a high level as well.

Other additions to the group include #5 Jalen RicksJalenRicks6'7" | SFOak Hill Academy | 2021State#127NationVA of Oak Hill Academy who already holds multiple high major offers and should be a go-to guy if he stays next year, and #10 Jaden HouseJadenHouse6'4" | SGMiddleburg | 2021StateVA of Middleburg jumps into the top 10 after a huge junior season.

Class Looks Deep at All Levels

While I’m sure some players will leave and some players will join the class rankings moving forward, this 2021 class looks like it should be a great group for college coaches of all levels. While some of the recent classes have been top heavy, this one has a plethora of players that should go throughout the division one level, and there are also quite a few fringe guys that could go D1 or be big time D2 players. As always there’s also a good amount of guys that the PA, NC and WV D2 schools that often recruit the state will love, as well as the high level D3 schools in the ODAC and CAC that often land scholarship worthy players. 

5 Stock Risers for D1 Coaches

With the April Live Period getting canceled, it will be tough for coaches to get out and see some of the kids they need to. We’re here to help with a look at five players that should see their recruitment pick up at the division one level.

#4 Darius JohnsonDariusJohnson6'0" | PGEpiscopal | 2021State#126NationVA | 6’1” PG | Episcopal

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Johnson has held quite a few D1 offers since he was a sophomore at Episcopal, but since the season ended he’s seen more high majors come in the fold. He’s picked up offers from Wake Forest and Seton Hall and I’ve fielded multiple calls from other high majors about him.

#9 Angelo BrizziAngeloBrizzi6'3" | PGHighland School | 2021StateVA | 6’3” PG | Highland School

Angelo BrizziAngeloBrizzi6'3" | PGHighland School | 2021StateVA Highland

Brizzi will be playing with the new Team Curry out of North Carolina on the Under Armour Circuit when things get back going, and there’s no way that once more high majors see him he won’t get a few. He holds a ton of mid-major offers from across the country and many high majors have been in contact, and once he shows his scoring ability against top competition he’s going to blow up.

#14 Jaylani DardenJaylaniDarden6'3" | CGNorview | 2021State#234NationVA | 6’3” CG | Norview

Darden already holds offers from multiple local schools including VCU, Hampton and NSU, but if he shows the improvements he showed this high school season on the EYBL he’s going to see much more become involved. He shot the basketball extremely well this season and that’s an improvement the all-around guard really needed to make.

#19 IJ EzumaIJEzuma6'8" | PFHargrave | 2021StateVA | 6’8” PF | Hargrave

Ezuma is a very recruitable guy with good academics and a high ceiling as well. He’s a guy who fits the AAU system with his ability to rebound on both ends and run the floor and finish, and he continues to improve which bolds well moving forward.

#30 Elvin EdmondsElvinEdmonds6'2" | CGHopewell | 2021State#226NationVA | 6’2” CG | Hopewell

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When you find out that Edmonds has well over a 4.0 you can’t help but wonder why more high academic schools aren’t pursuing the combo guard. He’s had a terrific high school career so far, he can play on and off the basketball, he shoots it well and competes on both ends. What else can you ask for as a Patriot, Ivy or Service Academy program?

Positional Breakdown

PG: 19

CG: 17

SG: 32

SF: 15

PF: 32

C: 10

Top 10

1) Trevor KeelsTrevorKeels6'4" | SGPaul VI | 2021State#38NationVA 6’4″ SG Paul VI Team Takeover
2) Efton ReidEftonReid7'0" | CThe Steward School | 2021State#32NationVA 7’0″ C Steward School Team Loaded VA
3) Roosevelt WheelerRooseveltWheeler6'9" | CJohn Marshall | 2021State#74NationVA 6’10″ C John Marshall Team Loaded VA
4) Gabe WiznitzerGabeWiznitzer7'0" | CHargrave | 2021StateVA 7’0″ C Hargrave  
5) Jalen RicksJalenRicks6'7" | SFOak Hill Academy | 2021State#127NationVA 6’6″ SF Oak Hill Academy  
6) Darius JohnsonDariusJohnson6'0" | PGEpiscopal | 2021State#126NationVA 6’1″ PG Episcopal Team CP 25 (FL)
7) Mark SearsMarkSears6'1" | CGHargrave | 2021StateVA 6’1″ CG Hargrave  
8) Markus IlverMarkusIlver6'7" | SFMassanutten | 2021StateVA 6’7″ SF Massanutten  
9) Angelo BrizziAngeloBrizzi6'3" | PGHighland School | 2021StateVA 6’3″ PG Highland School Team Curry
10) Jaden HouseJadenHouse6'4" | SGMiddleburg | 2021StateVA 6’3″ SG Middleburg Team Loaded VA