Posted On: 03/30/20 2:26 PM

The class of 2021 has an opportunity to be one of the deepest ones in recent years. There’s already a UCLA commit and two top 50 players including a top 10 national 5 star. The strength of this class, however, isn’t just at the top, it also includes several players throughout our rankings with the chance to play D1 basketball. In this article, PH takes a look at some players who could be big contributors for low majors.

Azavier JohnsonAzavierJohnson6'4" | PGFaith Lutheran | 2021StateNV 6’4 PG Faith Lutheran (#9) – I’ve watched a lot of Johnson play both in person and on Film. Perhaps no player’s potential excites me more than his. He’s a good athlete, but, he’s not exceptionally explosive for the PG position. However, he may be able to combat that with his size, and his ability to pass the basketball. Ideally where I see him being successful is in combo role, where he can use his size and length, to overpower smaller guards and his skills to serve as a secondary ballhandler.

 Jonathan BraggsJonathanBraggs6'3" | SFBishop Gorman | 2021StateNV 6’3 SG Bishop Gorman (#10) – I really think Braggs is going to blossom into a star this season. He has all the physical tools, he simply needs to limit his mental mistakes. Sometimes the light clicks in a player’s head after playing in so many competitions. While I’m not saying it’s gone off for Braggs yet, it’s definitely blinking. He knows what he is, and that’s a power guard with a quick trigger. Throw in his familiarity with winning, and you’ve got a low major with the potential to make a big impact.

Ethan SpeakerEthanSpeaker6'6" | SFBoulder City | 2021StateNV 6’6 SF Boulder City (#7) (featured image) – I’m willing to die on the hill, that Speaker is a D1 player. He certainly has areas of his game that he needs to improve, including his ballhandling and free throw shooting. He has the size and enough athleticism to play a wing position at a D1. On some nights, he’s going to be overmatched by the speed and athleticism of D1 wings, however, even on those nights, you can count on him to battle for boards, play smart basketball, and manufacture points with off-ball movement.

Jan Madi NgockJanMadi Ngock6'6" | PFTrinity | 2021StateNV 6’6 PF Trinity (#14) – JMN is one of the players, that I’m going to spend time watching a ton of film on. He’s a terrific R&J athlete, with a nice touch from around 15 out. Fluid athlete that runs the floor well, he may be a project even a few years into his college career. The school that does take him, however, might just find out he’s worth the wait.

Cameron KimbleCameronKimble6'4" | SFClark | 2021StateNV 6’4 SG Clark (#11) – Kimble gets a mulligan for this season. There were a ton of moving parts at Clark this year, and that alone would make it difficult for any player to have consistent success. Despite that, I still feel like I know what I’m going to get from him. He’s an excellent mid-range shooter, that can create shots for himself or use off-ball screens to get open.

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