Posted On: 03/13/20 4:14 PM

We are right around the corner from the start of the AAU season on the PrepHoops Circuit and we will be taking a look at the teams that will be participating in the PrepHoops Circuit Hustle Region. Here’s a look at Utah Hard Knox and a conversation we had with coach Adam Fisher.

Why did you start your program? How long have you been around?

The club was founded 9 years ago by Trent and Amber Whiting due to lack of clubs in the state that were playing on a true competitive level. Has grown into one the premier clubs in the state.

What is the goal of your program for 2019?

The goal of the program for 2020 is always the same, CONTINUE TO HELP KIDS IMPROVE!

– Individual Skills
– Team development
– Compete at all times and in all situations

Do you know of any players that will be back in your program this year? Who should we have our eye on?

Alex Fisher who is probably the top all around 2023 guard in Utah. Hayden Howell, A smooth high percentage shooting guard.

Why did you choose the Prep Hoops Circuit?

We have heard good things about the PH circuit and wanted to try something new with this group. Really wanted to get exposure for these kids if possible to showcase their talents and have a great experience.