Posted On: 03/13/20 5:40 PM

We are right around the corner from the start of the AAU season on the PrepHoops Circuit and we will be taking a look at the teams that will be participating in the PrepHoops Circuit Hustle Region. Here’s a look at Utah Force and a conversation we had with coach Katie Walker.

Why did you start your program? How long have you been around?

This is our 3rd year. We started our program to provide a positive community for kids to be a part of.

What is the goal of your program for 2020?

Our goal is to help each of our players reach their goals in basketball, in school, and in their communities.

What is your program’s mission each year?


To provide learning opportunities for athletes to improve their basketball skills, gain knowledge & understanding of the game, & develop life-long techniques such as; teamwork, communication, accountability, & setting & achieving goals, while forming memories & relationships that will last a lifetime!

Do you know of any players that will be back in your program this year? Who should we have our eye on?

Our top 10th and 9th grade players will be returning this year. Our of those players, our most promising at this time include:
– Bowen Davies– 10th grade 6’7 post player who ended his sophomore season 2nd leader in the state with blocked shots.
– Yorgio Golesis– 9th grade point guard who led his varsity team as a starting freshman in 4 categories– points, steals, assists, and rebounds.

Why did you choose the Prep Hoops Circuit?

We chose PrepHoops for the variety of destinations and exposure. We pick 3 different states every year to compete in so that our high schoolers are getting exposure from at least 12 different states across the US from 8-12th grade. The tournaments are run well, the staff is accommodating and professional, the play is competitive, and all events have been an overall great experience. We plan to continue to attend PrepHoops until all our boys have graduated.