Posted On: 03/23/20 3:26 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Tristan Nunn of Savannah Select to discuss their upcoming season!  Check it out!

The History: Newer basketball program in Savannah but first of it’s kind to be a multi-sport club. I mostly participated in local basketball events and leagues. First time club traveling outside the Coastal Georgia Region to play in tournaments.

2020 Goals? The goal of the program to gain visibility to players that haven’t been exposed nationally in travel basketball. Also to help all unsignseniors on the team to get exposure. 

The Mission: To develop players as team players along with developing them individually and to become a recognizable program in the state which will help keep talented players in the Coastal Georgia area in lieu of playing with clubs outside our region. 

Why Prep Hoops: I’ve always respected the approach on how your organization place emphasis on the players and clubs that participate at your tournaments and players at showcase camps.

Team Strengths: Our strength besides our size on the offense and defensive side is their experience nationally playing with other shoe brand clubs in the past such as Game Elite JB, Alabama Celtics and AC Georgia. Along with playing against top clubs during national live periods across the nation. 

X-Factor Players: We have two which I call the twin towers.

 Brysen Nunn and DeAndre Smart are two 6’6 1/2″ Combo Forwards that their games are very similar which causes match-up problems for defenders due to their size and strength in the paint and accuracy at mid-range shots. Both can defend 1-5 positions with no problem which allows them to play against smaller line-ups.

When the Big 3 are in along with the big guards they become a rotational nightmare for opposing teams.

Players to Watch:

| Deshawn Hendicks |’20, 6’8″ Power-Guard, yes (power guard) deadly from the wing off the dribble going to the basket.
| Don Leach | ’20, 6’3″ wing player, bruiser in the paint. Perfect size guard.
| Alaris Wall | ’21, 6’1″ Shooting Gaurd, a marksman from the arc and midrange.
| Micah Johnson | ’21, 6’2 Point Gaurd, a composed player with and without the ball. High basketball IQ.
| Shon Murphy | ’21, 6’5″ Wing, uses his length wisely on offense and defense. Match-up problem for opposing teams.
| Michael Hayes | ’22, 6’4″ Shooting Gaurd, deadly from outside with a shot hard to block due to his length.

Circuit Schedule:

Passion Circuit:
A-Town Showdown
Passion Region Classic
Passion Region Finals