Posted On: 03/16/20 3:37 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with North Metro Elite to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what they had to say!

The History: This is our “10-year anniversary season!”  We have had teams in the 4th-11th grade for 8 of those 10 years.  A couple of seasons we have had a 3rd-grade team.  We have varying numbers of girl’s teams.  All in all our program has had between 11-13 teams playing each year for a decade. Our history includes multiple upsets of shoe company teams, and NTBA Girls national title for our 2022 class in 2018, as well as 12 college sports signees over the last decade (a few chose football over basketball – see alumni page here:……we expect a couple more this year).  We are largely considered the best non-shoe team in all of Georgia (read testimonials from ESPN’s Paul Biancardi and other tournament directors here to confirm:

2020 Goals? The goal of our program remains the same. Produce well rounded, community leaders who are well adjusted young men who also happen to be fantastic basketball players. We teach these athletes to be great students, friends, sons, daughters, athletes and more importantly leaders in their communities.

The Mission: The NME program does not strive to just develop a basketball player, but to help young people develop honesty, hard work, discipline, integrity, spiritual maturity, and all of the character attributes necessary to become a positive member of their community.  Standards for staff, public volunteering for players, and spiritual devotions are utilized throughout the program and have been a successful complement to our annual on-court success.

From a basketball perspective – get our players exposed on the travel circuit so that they can be recruited by college programs.

Why Prep Hoops: We chose prep hoops because of the competition and the exposure, it gives o the players who want to play at the next level.

Team Strengths: We are long and athletic. We can shoot the 3 and attack the rim with multiple players. We are deep and all can play multiple positions.  Pace and space, shoot the 3, transition.

X-Factor Players:

2022 | 5’9 | Nathan Weinstock | an amazing basketball IQ, every team needs a player like Nathan. Willing to do whatever the coach asks for us to win. He is an extension of the coach on the floor. He is a 5 tool player. Can rebound, defend, score, pass, and shoot. He is an undersized forward at 5’9 but plays a lot bigger and thrives on the competition.

| 2023 | 6’3 | Earnest Ofremu | can guard 1-5;  can shoot the 3;  runs the floor;  explosive elevation to the rim;  Can score off the bounce or spot-up three;  Injured last year so not well-known but should be.

Players to Watch: 

2022 | PG | Landon Stubblefield | can score with both hands. Shoot the 3 and attack the basket. A true court general.

 | PG | Ty Crtockett | can attack the rim and finish strong, loves the contact and is physical down low is 6’2 but plays bigger.

 | Forward/C | Ethan McIntrye | is a rare breed at 6’7 he can shoot from 30 feet but attacks the basket-like a guard. Can dribble and pass but loves playing in the pick and roll, where he can pop out or take to the basket.

| Guard | Keyshawn Gough | is the best pure shooter on the team. Can get his own shot whenever he wants. Can shoot it off the bounce or pass and shoot. 30-35 foot range. Best mechanics I have seen from a high school shooter in years.

 | Forward | Jordan Echolds | can shoot the ball and play in the post. His motor is endless and is an elite defender with high basketball IQ. Always makes the right play.

 | Forward | Nicholas Wadley-Nick | can play in the post with both hands and can strep out and shoot the 3 has a dangerous skill set at 6’6 great teammate and fluid on the court.

| 2023 | PG | Kael Cotton | great on-ball defender;  excellent floor distribution and passer;  son of DI assistant coach;  already listed by PREP HOOPS 2023 WATCHLIST
| 2023 | 6’1 | Center | Nathan Rodriguez | have nice back-to-the-basket moves that few players have these days, making him hard to guard in post despite the size. Grinder, excellent rebounder for size;  Barkley-styled body;  PREP HOOPS 2023 WATCHLIST;  HOOPSEEN Top 250 in Georgia.
| 2023 | 6’2 | Aaron Wesley | defends multiple positions, slasher, excellent dribble-drive;  explosive vertical.
| 2023 | 5’7 | Combo Guard | Jonathan Rodriguez | smallest guy on the floor;  but, 55% from three, last travel season 53% from three during freshman school season just wrapped…..Curry perimeter range….DII/NAIA level player cause of size but certainly will be a specialty fit for low-mid-major that needs an automatic three;  PREP HOOPS 2023 WATCHLIST;  HOOPSEEN Top 250 Georgia.