Posted On: 03/23/20 9:35 AM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Lachon Nichols of GG2Sports to discuss their upcoming season!  Check it out!

The History: The history of GG2Sports program has become a very great program to be apart of we have 6 teams in total at all levels each year we’re have gotten better, and now known as a winning program. Last we placed 9th out of 90 teams in Florida tournament which was a live period, then national in Dallas last year we placed 2nd losing the chip to a great team in Louisiana but out of 60 across the country was great.

2020 Goals? The goal this year is to win nationals and get sponsorship and get on a national schedule. Also, get my senior’s scholarships.

The Mission: GG2S mission this year is to compete at a high level win a few championships and maybe get some sponsorship and most importantly get my unsigned seniors’ scholarships to play basketball most of all to get a great education.

Why Prep Hoops: We chose prep hoops circuit because I like the schedule and it gives my program a chance to play in front of college coaches. Plus give those a chance to see that we belong to play wit elite programs also players. 

Team Strengths: GG2S overview of our strengths are we can score the ball but most of all we play defense very well, and very much connected on the court as one.

Players to Watch:

11th & 12th grade:
| Jeremiah Overall | great shooter from anywhere and good ball handler.
| Jacobi Heady |  very long and can also shoot from anywhere and rebounds the ball. 
| Antwan Pierce | great defender hard nose got to the hoop with no fear. 
| Jamir Morris | good ballhandler rebounder and no fear. 
| Lester Coney | great ball-handler great defender streak shooter.
|Zach Harris | great rebounding shot blocker can stretch the defense. 
10th grade:
| Avian Abrams | 8th grade very gifted flat out can play. 
| James | 8th grade a big shot blocker rebounder very good around the basket.
| Josh | great ballhandler can score the ball.
| Samar | good ball-handler good shooter and passer. 
| Andre | great rebounding.

Circuit Schedule: 

Chicago hard rock April 24-26
Atlanta may 1-3 
 Minnesota may 8-10th
Indianapolis July 17-19th