Posted On: 03/11/20 1:12 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Jennifer Brazelton of Georgia Legacy Basketball Club to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what she had to say!

The History: Established in 2017, Georgia Legacy Basketball Club is a premier travel program featuring talented players from Cherokee County, Georgia. 

2020 Goals: To win the 16U Passion Region for the Prep Hoops Circuit and compete for a championship in every tournament we play in.

The Mission: Our mission is to prepare our players to play at the collegiate level by teaching them to play the right way.

Why Prep Hoops: Our program chose to participate in the Prep Hoops Circuit to not only gain exposure as an independent team but to show that there are programs with talented players that are not just on shoe teams.

Team Strengths: We are a very deep and versatile team, with 11 players that can legitimately contribute game in and game out. We feel we have a very high-IQ team, with kids that have won at a high level with their travel and varsity teams. We have great shooting and can really stretch a defense out and create difficult matchups. Our length and athleticism allow us to create offense with our defense and play at a quick pace. 

X-Factor Players: 

|6’3 | DJ Potts-Heard | is a big-time scorer, a wing with deep range and a high basketball IQ. DJ has emerged as a premier defender and has become a high-level 2-way player that is already getting college looks. Earned honorable mention in Cherokee County, Georgia for his program, Woodstock High School.

Players to Watch:

| #1 | Adarrius Harshaw | Insanely quick guard that can create chaos defensively. Very high motor player, will compete for every possession and put pressure on the opposition on both sides of the ball.
| #35 | 6’5 | Forward | Caleb Richardson | brings a rare inside/out game that is a matchup nightmare. Scores well at all 3 levels and is a very active defender that creates deflections and is a leading rebounder.
| #13 | 6’2 | Wing | Dylan Wolle | is another big-time scorer, a wing that is one of the best shooters in the state. Wolle is a very good scorer at all 3 levels, moves well without the basketball, and possesses sneaky athleticism to allow him to elevate over defenses and create shots.
| #22 | 6’5 | F/C | Fisher Mitchell | Mr. Fundamental is a strong post player with range out to the 3 point line and a very consistent mid-range shooter. Mitchell is another high IQ player that always seems to be in the right spot. 
| #14 | 6’4 | Forward | Alex Acosta | plays with a high motor at all times. A strong post player with great footwork and the ability to stretch defenses out with his shooting. Acosta is a very active defender and rebounder, competing hard each possession with explosiveness that makes a huge impact defensively.
| #24 | 6’10 | Center | Braden Pierce | is an incredibly long shot blocker and rim protector. He’s a valuable asset defensively for us as well as a threat around the boards offensively.

Circuit Schedule:

Prep Hoops Hard Work Live | April 24-26
A-Town Showdown | May 1-3
Best of the Brawl | July 3-5
Passion Region Finals | July 17-19