Posted On: 03/13/20 9:42 AM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Nathan Kaple of Extreme Heat 17u to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what he had to say!

The History: Our program has been running strong for the last 8 yrs and will continue as we get not just good student-athletes but we get good families and guys who is willing to put the work in.

Why Prep Hoops: We choose to enter the prep hoops circuit bc we know every tournament we will be pushed to be a better team and as individual growth. We believe we have enough talent to be very dangerous.

Team Strengths: We have a lot of great shooters and some guys I’m excited to get to know better and see what they got in the bag. But I would have to say our 3 point shooting will be on a high note with some high flying dunks as well.

X-Factor Players:

| T.J. Pugh | of Shelby is coming off Moac player of year and avg around 22 pts and 9.3 rebounds a game this season got him, D2 district runner, up poy. Pugh can score it in many ways from deep on the drive or off the rebound. 

Players to Watch: Ethan Bell, Riley Gossom, Luke Rowlinson, Dylan Johnson, Dave Gentry 

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