Posted On: 03/10/20 1:02 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Isham Williams of DFW MAGIC to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what he had to say!

The History: DFW Magic was founded in November 2018

2020 Goals? The goal for DFW Magic in 2020 is to create opportunities for our player’s future. Giving them invaluable exposure this summer to ultimately make them better overall players.

The Mission: Each year our mission is to develop the next generation of athletes not just on the court but off-court as well.

Why Prep Hoops: Prep Hoops Circuit was chosen because we wanted to provide our players with a platform to gain exposure. It also allows us to match up with the tougher competition rather than playing in local tournaments.

Team Strengths: Our team’s strength will be using our quickness to score easy baskets. Also using our size to play lockdown defense and rebound the ball. Our team depth will allow us to keep fresh legs in the game.

X-Factor Players:

| Jordan Brown | has the ability to be a game-changer with his size and strength. Jordan is able to pose as a dominant force in the middle and be a great rebounder.

Players to Watch:

| Kris Carter | is a skilled guard who is able to attack the basket. He is also able to knock down shots in clutch moments.

| Carter Hotchkiss | is a talented lefty with great ball-handling skills. He is able to drive to the basket and make craft layups or kick out to the open shooters.

| Sebastian Kravutske | is a tenacious defensive-minded player that refuses to be outworked. He is a great rebounder that is also learning how to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket.

| Trevor Taylor | is a great shooter for his size. His playing style resembles Dirk Nowitzki. Trevor has also proved himself to be an inside/outside threat.

Circuit Schedule: DFW Magic will be participating in Mayhem In The Plex, The Stage and Grind Regional Finals all to be played in Dallas, TX