Posted On: 03/12/20 11:21 AM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with Franklin Brown of Bloodline Ballers 17U to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what he had to say!

The History: We are a Chicago based travel team that has been competing for the last 6 seasons. Our players come from all over but mainly from the Chicagoland. To date, we have 4 tournament championships and looking to add more hardware as we showcase some great talent that we have developed. Our program is about development and playing the game the correct way.

2020 Goals: We are looking to bring more attention to our program with hopes of exposing our hard-working athletes, so that future players know that this is a program that cares and wants it’s players to excel to the next level.

The Mission: Each and every year is to teach the proper way to play the game of basketball as well as guiding our athletes to be just as great academically. The main goal is to create professionalism on and off the court.

Why Prep Hoops: Bloodline Ballers competed in Prep Hoops 2019 and saw some pretty good competition and were challenged to step our game up. We took a tough loss in the regional finals so we said Prep Hoops 2020 is about UNFINISHED BUSINESS. So we are looking forward to competing this season

Team Strengths: What separates us from the pack is that we are truly a defense-first program. We consider defense a lost art of the game and we stress being tenacious on defense because it translates to great offense. Our best strength that we possess as a whole is the ability to always play together and unselfish.

X-Factor Players:

| 5’10 | PG | Caleb Miller | who can score it up efficiently, inside and out deadly from the three-point line. What makes him even more dangerous is his ability to facilitate for others and strong defense. Complete player. 

Players to Watch:

| 6’4 | Forward | Kenneth McClendon I plays as a stretch forward nice shooter high IQ for the game.
| 6’4 | Combo Guard | Jamir Harvey | does it on both ends will.
| 6’5 | Antwain Harris | plays very big around the rim with a tremendous mid range. 

Circuit Schedule: Hard Work Live, A-Town Showdown, Show-Me Showdown, Grit regional Finals. As well as local events in our home city of CHICAGO

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