Posted On: 03/12/20 3:04 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit is just around the corner!  It is time for us to start previewing the teams participating in the circuit!

We caught up with ED Easley of BC Swag to discuss their upcoming season!  Check out what he had to say!

The History: BC Swag was founded in 2010 as a fundamental development program serving Milwaukee’s Inner City Youth.

2020 Goals: Our 2020 goals are to continue to develop our athletics for the next level of play. Preparing them for the college level educationally, mentally, and emotionally. He have goals of becoming the 2020 prep hoop champs. 

The Mission: Each year our mission is to prepare our athletes for life by giving them the tools necessary for growth through our college readiness programs. We have a heavy focus on developing each player on the court skills as well as their interaction in the classroom.

Why Prep Hoops: We chose Prep Hoop because of their professional engagement. We were impressed with the level of competition and professionalism prep hoops has shown us and all teams on the circuit. Working with Jason and Midian Holmes has been an awesome experience and I truly believe that the staff of Prep Hoops works hard to provide the best opportunities for all athletes, not just the elite ones.  

Team Strengths: One strength of our team is that we have a passion for creating defensive pressure. We believe defense wins championships, so we spend a lot of time teaching defensive strategies. We love to fly to the ball. 

X-Factor Players:

| Ronja Kelly | is one of our élite factors. He has excellent ball-handling skills, efficient with his shot selection, and can really fly on the defensive end of the floor. He can defend any position on the floor. He is also a lefty.

Players to Watch:

| Ron Johnson | is a player to watch. He has a very high motor, great footwork, and is a prolific scorer. He is also a lefty. 
| Aaron Hawthorne | is a great rebounder with a finite ability to play close to the basket. A great leader and have monster jam skills.

Circuit Schedule: Hardworkszn kick off-IA, Hard work live in Madison, Mad-town Showdown, and the Hard Work Region Finals in Minnesota.

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