Posted On: 03/11/20 12:12 AM

History: The Arizona Triple Threat program was started 5 years ago when their Head Coach and Director Victor Humphrey moved to Arizona from New Jersey. The program consists of kids from Chaparral High School in Scottsdale Arizona. “I moved here and put a program together mainly so my kids and my friend’s kids could get the exposure and the court time that they needed.”

How Long Have You Had The Program?

5 Years

What do you like about the PH Circuit?

“We got to play bigger stronger kids from different states to get them ready for their High School Varsity season.”

What’s the one thing you want people to know about Arizona Triple Threat?

“It’s all about the kids”. “We want the kids to have a great basketball experience but also a good life experience” “We want them to get better at basketball but we want them to be good people at the end of the day.” “We want them to come back and just grow as young men.” -VH

What tournaments are you guys playing outside of the circuit?

“Were going to do the West Coast Elite during the live periods” “Were also playing in the Arizona Club Basketball League” -VH.

Players to Watch: 

Paul Oscislawski 6’4 PF Chaparral 2023 –  “He can play inside and he can play outside”. “He’s a really good player that will probably play varsity this year as a sophomore”. -VH

Sagith Vargas 5’9 PG 2024 – A dynamic PG that does it all. “We played in a tournament this weekend and he went coast to coast for a layup to win the game for us”. “He can do it all, he can shoot it he runs the team, great defense, and a great leader.” “He’s been outstanding for us.” -VH

Jevon Humphrey 6’1 SG Chaparral 2021 – Humphries can score at all three levels and is a tough defender. “He’s the heart and soul of the team.” -VH

Jalin Humphrey 5’10 PG Chaparral 2022 – “He is lightning quick he can go both ways, and shoot it from deep” “Just a really good athlete.”-VH

Michael Saba 6’8 C Chaparral 2022 – Sabo is a stretch 4 with the ability to score down low. “He has a finesse game, but he can go inside when he needs to.” -VH


Aksel Siekman 6’1 SG Chaparral 2023“He’s going to grow over the next few years and he’s getting stronger and more confident.” -VH

Circuit Schedule: Hustle Season Kickoff March 27th – 29th, Hustle in The Sun  May 8th – 10th, Hustle Finals Region July 17th – 19th.

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