Posted On: 03/10/20 10:22 PM

History: The Arizona Dream is made up of two rival programs that have been competing against each other since 2nd grade. Coach Warren Ginsberg has coached many of the players since they were 7 years old. “As the kids got to high school we ended up taking the best 5-6 players from each team and joining together”.

How Long Have You Had The Program?

1 season

What do you like about the PH Circuit?

“We like the competition level” “There are a lot of good teams from the left coast in there”.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about Arizona Dream?

“Our team has a tremendous amount of chemistry because they all grew up together”. “The ball moves well and when you watch us play a lot of times you may be surprised by what you see because they make basketball look pretty”. – HC Warren Ginsberg

What tournaments are you guys playing outside of the circuit?

“We are part of the Addidas Gauntlet Silver. We have two LA tournaments, 1 in April and one for Memorial Day”. -WG

Players to Watch: 

JP Musselman 6’4 SF 2022 – Mussleman is a volleyball player, which means he has a lot of bounce. “He should be fun to watch” “He grew up as a big man, but we’re in the process of transitioning him to the 3” -WG

Hayden Engel 6’0 PG Desert Vista 2022 – I can’t wait to see this kid in person! Not to many middle linebacker/PG’s. Max Preps tabs him a solid 215, and coach Ginsberg describes him as a “house”. Good handle and can shoot it with range. He’s another guy that grew up in the post and I’m transitioning him to the Point.”

Nick Tolson Chaparral 6’3 SF 2022 – Tolson is a unique 3 and D type player. “Many games he had more than 3 3’s and more than 3 blocks.” -WG


Easton Reagan Desert Mountain 6’1 SG 2022 – “He is a guy that I have no problem putting up my own money that he is the best shooter in the state of Arizona for the 2022 class.” -WG

Circuit Schedule: Spring Kickoff April 10th – 12th, Bash in the Desert May 1st – 3rd, Hustle Finals Region July 17th – 19th.

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