Posted On: 02/11/20 4:01 PM

Every program is looking for players that can bring a spark to their team, whether playmakers, rebounders or scorers.  Down below, here is a list of unsigned seniors who can bring at least one valuable tool to a program to provide an immediate impact.

Jordan Battle-6'2 Combo Guard/Norfolk Collegiate.  Jordan Battle is one of the most under recruited players in the state, if not THE most under recruited.  Possessing a strong frame and a quick first step, Jordan is averaging nearly 25 points a game this season, while remaining a beast on the boards and a willing passer.  The impact Battle can make right out of the gates will be with his elite scoring package.  Battle has the size and quickness to play either on the ball or off the ball, and he uses a lightning quick second bounce to go up for an offensive rebound if he misses a layup.  With range that extends out to 30 feet, you have to press up on him, or Battle will make you pay.  As tournament play looms close, watch Battle as he continues to put up numbers, just like his recent triple double.