Posted On: 02/7/20 9:54 AM

One of the top unsigned seniors that I have seen this year is 2020 Dillon Jones of Sunrise Christian. Jones plays on one of the most talented high school teams in the country and is teammates with a few prospects that will be going to high major schools. With not being the most talented player on the team, he still has a way of standing out and producing for Luke Barnwell’s bunch.

“I play with a lot versatile, I think I can do a lot of things but I make winning plays and I think that is a big thing about my game. I might not always have the most stats in the stat book but at Sunrise I know I have other horses like Kendall, Ty and Stone so I know to play a part in the game I have to make winning plays, I am going to dive on the floor, I am going to take charges, I am going to rebound the ball and just whatever it is I will do, I will do all of the dirty work.”

He knew that the move to Sunrise Christian was going to be a good move for him and he is very happy with the decision he made to transfer there.

“It has been the best decision I have ever made. Just because honestly when I made the decision to transfer here, I did not factor in the things that I have learned here so far like, better habits, it was risky but I am really thankful for it. I have been able to grow as a player, like I said, I have created great habits just from the standard I am held to everyday, it was tough but nothing is impossible.”

With Sunrise being one of the top teams in the country, they go to a lot of high level events where he has the opportunity to play against some of the top talent in the country.

“The season has been good, we have been working hard everyday. The games that people see us play in is kind of like a showcase, in our practices we go very hard, we are held to very high standards so the way we play in games is the exact same way we are practicing and a lot of credit goes to our coaching staff for that.”

Jones will be a great pickup to any program especially with how late it is already in the year. He has a good body and goes hard on both sides of the ball. He is someone that is always going to play with a lot of energy and do whatever is needed from his coach. Right now he mentioned a few schools that are recruiting him but I have to imagine this list will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

“My recruitment is slow right now, I have been hearing from a lot of mid major schools like Evansville, Tennessee Tech, Florida Gulf Coast and UIC. Like I said it is kind of slow, but I am just being patient because I can’t get caught up in those things.”