Posted On: 02/22/20 7:21 AM

The Dulaney Lions wrapped up another successful season boasting a 16-5 record and going 10-1 through divisional play. They’re a team equipped with two of the more talked about names in 2021 Ryan Conway and 2020 Cam Byers. While those two carry much of the load, the responsibilities of the role players are crucial because if one of those two go down, someone needs to step up. Jaylin Webster recently did this in the last stretch of games as Conway nursed a sprained foot. I was in attendance as he orchestrated the Lions to a 20-point victory over Perry Hall.

Webster scored 13 points and was consistently finding open teammates in transition with crisp passes.

Prior to the season Dulaney lost two starters from the 2018-19 season through transfer. Both players in 2021 Ike Cornish and 2020 Che Evans played big roles within the team and yet again, this was another opportunity for Webster to seize the moment.

“Coming in I knew my role was greatly going to change,” Webster continued, “I knew I had to step up so I worked really hard this summer. I feel like I’m doing a good job filling the role. The coaching staff believes in me and my teammates believe in me. When we lost those transfers a lot of people thought we we’re going to be worse but we are still capable of doing exactly what we did last year and that’s getting down to Xfinity.”

Although Dulaney lost a bulk of it’s production from last season, guys such as Conway, Byers, Webster, Latrell Harper (2021), Cole McGee (2020) and Jaylen Amoruso (2021) are all returners from last year’s Final Four team. Experience is key once bracket play begins and the Lions are no strangers to the limelight.

With that being said, it’s the time of year where each player has to be playing their best basketball. Webster has full understanding that he has to take advantage of another opportunity presented to him.

“I have a lot more shots now, so my confidence in my shot continues to get better, but my first priority is my passing and making sure I’m getting my teammates involved. Also with us not having a ton of bigs, I’m expected to rebound as a guard so that’s in my mind as well,” Webster said.

Dulaney will be the no. 1 seed in the 4A North meaning they’ll host all the way up to the regional semifinal. The rest is depended upon opposing records as to who gains the home court advantage. Winning at Dulaney is extremely difficult and Webster knows what his team needs to focus on in order for it to stay that way throughout the next week and a half.

“Less turnovers and more rebounds. Offensive rebounds can really kill you as a team and that’s really the main thing. Be focused defensively because we’re fine on the offensive end, we’re going to score no matter what.”