Posted On: 02/17/20 7:41 PM

Harding Academy allowed USJ to hover close by for plenty of the third quarter.  When the Lions decided to pull away, they did so easily and won handily. 

No Chance

Morona Ali, the wide-bodied center for Harding Academy, did plenty of important things very well.  He established low and lower.  He caught every pass dumped down to him.  He managed to wrangle a few offensive rebounds off the glass with his power and pursuit.

Bobby Parks is the Real Thing

Senior scoring wing Bobby Parks torched USJ throughout the game, especially flaming the net during Harding’s successful third quarter.  He scored 13+ points in the third quarter alone.  The third stanza was very integral as Harding Academy pulled away, opening up the gap, and shifting the game.


Carlock Seemingly Lives at the FT Line

USJ needed a consistent scoring threat and Wesley Carlock provided plenty.  Making his accumulation of points less daunting were the repeat appearance at the free throw line.  He made the multiple opportunities count.  He only missed one free throw attempt.

The Play

The most Lion success came courtesy of a single playcall.  Off a curl, Bobby Parks caught the ball at the elbow.  Instead of looking to score, which he did constantly all night, Parks looked at the rim briefly to bait the defense, and smoothly bounced a pass to Ali.  It worked a handful of times and allowed Ali to seal his man high.  Parks was a perfect decoy on this night.  

In the final six minutes, the Lions comfortably ate clock as only a lion could with jaws spread so wide in an almost casual yawn/bite.  When guards from USJ pressured high either Myles Neely or Bobby Parks carved up the defense for any easy bucket.  

The exceptional handle of Neely really glistened when trapped.  He utilized a staggering spin move and then shoved a dribble way out in front of himself to split the defense.  To finish off the play, Neely fed Ali.  The perfect pass did not result in a basket as Ali endured a hard foul instead.

Harding managed the clock and the game very well all night.




  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter FINAL
Harding 13 9 22   W
USJ 5 16 13   L


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