Posted On: 02/18/20 2:09 PM

The class of 2022 rankings have officially been updated on the site. The previous rankings were certainly outdated, but it really took this group some time to develop and for us see who’s who. As the sophomore season went along for many of these players, certain guys began separating themselves from the pack and/or putting themselves on the map for the first time. 

Overall 2022 Class Analysis:

The 2022 class is much stronger at the guard position right now. There are some good forwards toward the top of the class, but there is definitely a lack of post play and depth from the position overall. The guard play is strong, but still developing physically as far as size goes. Many of the best guards came into high school less physically mature, which is totally fine. Growth spurts and physical development at a slow rate can be best in the long run, but it has made it more difficult to pinpoint which guards will be considered the “elite” of the class by the time senior year rolls around. Fortunately, there is still a lot of time and some players have just now started separating themselves from the bunch! Several of these college prospects will be highlighted over the next few days, including King’s High School’s Tyler Linhardt (feature image). 

2022 Rankings List:


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