Posted On: 02/14/20 7:50 PM

The time is 5:29 PM. Rod Thompson, father of Kansas commit and now McDonald’s All-American, Bryce Thompson addresses the media. “I know I said I’d start at 5:30,” Rod exclaims, “but I’m just too giddy so let’s go ahead and start

Bryce Thompson laughs with his father at his McDonald’s All-American presser.

now.” That’s just one of many moments on the night of February 14th that brought a smile to the face of Bryce Thompson.

Sitting next to his head coach, his father, and the owner of 8 McDonald’s locations in the Tulsa area, Bryce Thompson was right at home sitting on a branded Booker T. Washington foldable chair in the reception room of the Nathan Harris field house.

“This is my home,” Thompson shared, “knowing everyone around me just wants to see me reach my highest potential pushes me to reach my best every day.”

Thompson stressed how important his family was in his journey, not only to reach the point of becoming an All-American but in simply becoming a better person.

“All they wanna do is see me succeed,” shares Thompson, “they make sacrifices for me all the time and I’m so glad it all has started to pay off.”

Thompson, recently committed to Kansas, is going to be playing with or against 23 of the best players in high school basketball. Names like Josh Christopher and Jalen Green round out a talent-packed group of hoopers and Thompson is ready for his moment.

“These are my guys,” explains Thompson. “I got to know ’em over the summer and couldn’t be any more excited to play my game against them.”

Thompson looks to lead his Hornets to another state championship in 6A Oklahoma high school basketball, a class loaded with talented teams and individuals.

“It won’t be easy in the least,” shares Bryce’s father Rod, “but if I know anything it’s that my boy is built for it.

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