Posted On: 01/9/20 3:25 PM

Anyone who has played basketball at a high level knows that to be a point guard you have to have a different mindset. Much like a quarterback on the football field, much of your team’s success and failures fall on your back, so you have to be the guy that’s willing to outwork everyone and help will your team to a victory.

For Bishop Walsh junior point guard Jalen Miller, that’s been something he’s been willing to do for the past few years. The 6’2” lead guard has all the qualities you want out of a point guard, whether it’s his great feel for the game or his incredible work ethic. He’s the type of guy that not only looks forward to big games, but thrives in them and says that whether it’s a pick-up game at the local Y or a matchup against a nationally ranked guard, he’s ready to rock whenever.

“You know that I’m always going to give it my all on the court, no matter what or no matter where I am. People always ask me before big games and national level games about the pressure of being the starting point guard, I don’t get nervous though,” Miller said. “I don’t know why, but in my opinion there’s no point in playing basketball if you get nervous before a game.”

Another quality you have to love from Miller is that he is always looking to get coached up and get better on the court. As the point guard, you have to be an extension of the coach on the court, meaning that you are going to get the most coaching and sometimes that means taking the blame for others or even just flat out getting yelled at. He doesn’t take it personally though, he takes it in stride and uses it to fuel him to get better.

“I’m constantly taking critical feedback, I’m going to take what people give me and go in the gym and work on it everyday whenever I get a chance,” Miller said.

A throwback kind of point guard, Miller has the ability to make everyone on his team better and run the show with the ball in his hands. He’s a guy who handles pressure well, knows when to push it and when to slow it down, reads the defense well and is able to get in the lane at will.

His early success hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he holds early division one offers from Bryant and Stony Brook. He says he’s also been on unofficial visits to Pittsburgh and Lehigh and has heard from George Mason and others. His recruitment is something he is aware of and keeping track of, but also knows that it should continue to get better moving forward.

“Right now I’m just working to build up my offers and stay in the gym so I can hopefully get what I want,” he said.

Being aware of his game is something that is very evident when you talk to Miller. When asked what he thinks he does well, he first wanted to talk about what he needs to improve on, but also knows what his strengths are and doesn’t want to diminish what he does well while working on improving his game.

“I think I can work on catch and shoot still. I have improved over time but I just want to stay ready all the time. I think my best attribute is getting to the rim and finishing through contact and leading my teammates on and off the floor.”

When asked what he will be looking for when the time comes to make a decision, Miller says it’s not about the size of the school but where he feels like he fits the best.

“I just need to be in sync with the Head Coach and be sure of what my role will be and what I can do to make the team better.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Miller’s name a lot this summer, as I feel like he’s a guy who will be sought after by many schools. Any coach who was a point guard in his day will love him, just like all his teammates love playing with him. Be sure to check out Miller and his talented Bishop Walsh group this year as they play against some very good teams.