Posted On: 01/22/20 10:52 AM

In a world where kids are always looking for recognition and post everything to social media, there’s something to be said about the throwback kind of kids that keep it close to home. Steward School junior Efton Reid is that way, as he doesn’t post his offers to twitter and he doesn’t play for a national powerhouse so he isn’t always being hounded by national media that want to know what his plans are moving forward.

With that mindset though comes some mystery. I have become relatively close with Reid and his mother Maria over the past few years, and even with us having regular conversations I still don’t know how to answer people when they ask me what I think he’s going to do or where I think he’s going to go. So after his game against Cape Henry last night I dropped the informality and held a true interview with him for the first time in over a year.

Things have changed a lot since then, as Reid has gone from a hidden gem in Richmond to a top 30 kid nationally. He was a contributor playing up on Team Takeover in the EYBL last year and had a great showing at the NBPA Top 100 as well this past summer.

His recruitment has picked up recently although he doesn’t broadcast it too much, and he recently took a visit to Ohio State before the season started. When asked what other visits he plans to take before his junior ones expire, he mentioned three schools in particular.

“I plan on taking visits to Louisville and Iowa State, but I haven’t set the dates yet,” Reid said. “NC State wants me to take an official down there so I might take one there, but I just need to schedule a date that works with my Mom’s work schedule and my schedule so we’ll have to figure that out.”

Reid has schools from all over that are prioritizing him and they aren’t just the big ones, as he says Princeton is one of the latest to reach out to him. When asked what schools were making him a priority he listed off a number of high majors across the east coast and midwest.

“The ones prioritizing me are Georgetown, Iowa State, Wake Forest, NC State, Miami, UVA, Louisville and Ohio State,” he said.

There’s been some rumblings about Reid possibly reclassifying up to the 2020 class, as he says a few schools including Georgetown and Ohio State want him for next year. It’s a rumor that he doesn’t deny but he says it’s something he’s still making his mind up about.

“Yeah there’s some truth to that rumor, I might go 20 or stay 21 I don’t know what I’m doing right now, just exploring my opportunities for both right now.”

The decision is something he’s been talking about with his family, and he says that he’s going to let the schools know by the end of the week which one he plans on doing. I asked him what would possibly persuade him in that decision and he says it’s all about fit and opportunity.

“I’m just seeing what the best opportunity and fit for me is. Getting into college early and letting my body get physically ready and possibly exploring out there. I just need to find the right fit for me, because if it’s not the right fit I’m going to stay 21 and get my body prepared for the next level, and that’s all that it’s about getting ready for the next level. But, me going 20 would prepare me for the next level as well because I could get in a year early and get the weights and get the skill development in, so I think that could be a really good choice.”

Whatever year he decides to come out, Reid says he wants a school that will treat him right and has a family feel to him, as he’s a very family oriented person.

“I’m looking for a family atmosphere first because if my family not right I’m not right. I’m looking for the right fit, a system where I’m running up and down the court, getting touches, etc, and I’m looking for a relationship with the Head Coach and the assistants because I want to feel at home like I do at Steward School. And I just want to have fun too.”

While he doesn’t care to publicize all of his recruitment, there’s no mistaking that he’s one of the most sought after big men in the country. His blend of size, skill and IQ makes him an easy guy to coach and play with, and when it comes time to make his decision he’s going to make one program very happy.