Posted On: 01/10/20 5:00 AM

Delonte Raynor, a class of 2022 guard from Fairmont Heights, is making a big impact this season. Raynor has stepped into an important role as a result of his versatility. He is a good rebounding guard who defends but can also score and make plays. 

“I’ve got a good jump shot,” Raynor told Prep Hoops during a recent interview. “I think my shot is the most underrated part of my game. I can also rebound the ball, see the floor, push it, and play defense”

Raynor has worked hard and continues to work hard on developing his jumper. He says he takes 1,000 shots every day, starting inside and working his way out. Raynor is also working on filling out his broad 6-foot-2, 155-pound frame along with his explosiveness. 

“I’m in the weight room every day,” he said. “I’m doing box jumps to improve my vertical and many other exercises to help improve my strength. I’m also working on finishing at the basket and looking up.”

Raynor says he models his game after Ja Morant and Russell Westbrook. He admires their ability to score and create along with their athleticism and tenacity on defense. Raynor has stepped up in a big way so far this season and should continue to grow in his role moving forward.

What are his goals?

“For my team, make sure we’re good, locked in every day and winning games. For myself, first I want to make it out of high school, get my diploma, and go to college.”