Posted On: 01/26/20 4:10 PM

Malachi Parham (Hume-Fogg) gifted the @PrepHoopsTN/AboveTheRimGym Fall Combine with guile and relentless attacking.  

How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2021
  • 6’1 1/2″
  • Wingspan — 6’6″ or 78″
  • Standing Reach — 7’11 1/2″
  • Max Reach — 10’7″
  • One-step vertical — 31 1/2″
  • Height w/o shoes — 6’1 1/2″
  • Height w/ shoes — 6’2″
  • Shoe Size — 12
  • Hand Span — 9.0″
  • Hand Length — 8.0″
  • Lane Agility — 12.00, 12.75
  • All-Star Top 20
  • Camp Ranking — #2

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2019 Celtics Romeo Langford
College Projection: D2/D2+

The Fall Combine generally merges many different styles into one gymnasium. Malachi Parham was a fantastic scorer, both nimble and innovative in tight spaces.  His style provided defenders constant problems.  The combine or camp setting traditionally encourages a scorer’s mentality.  Malachi is an innate scorer.  What makes his game more enjoyable is the efficiency.  He gets to the basket with sidesteps and crafty maneuvers.  

His agility allows him to check the 1-2 positions.  With good balance and an impressive wingspan, Malachi is poised to be a plus defender.  There are great offensive players that need to recuperate briefly on the other end.  They hide or are hidden by their teammates.  Malachi Parham is not this type of player.  He possesses elite endurance and commits to the cause.

Parham’s wingspan is a +4 and he jumped 31 1/2″ off the ground.  Though he stands 6-foot-1, he spread his wings to 6-foot-6.  The average NBA draft pool player wingspan according to, going back two decades, is +4.  More clearly put, Parham boasts the average NBA prospect wingspan. 

Weaknesses are few.  Physically, Malachi competes well.  Of course he needs to, and all prep stars can, continue to develop the frame.  Parham finishes very well in the lane now and projects to be a slasher for years to come.  Finishing after a “high school foul” is markedly easier than absorbing a powerful college foul, so persistent weight training must remain a part of Malachi’s off-season regimen.  

His willingness to work is inspiring.  Malachi Parham is a legitimate college basketball prospect.

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