Posted On: 01/21/20 5:47 PM

We begin our run through of America’s Best Available Players with the top Combo Guards that have yet to commit or sign.  

(1). Jalen Green of Prolific Prep (CA). Jalen Green is one of the best five college basketball prospects in America and recently made it clear that he wants to play college basketball next year.  Memphis, Oregon, Auburn, Florida State, and USC are among the schools still in consideration. 

(2). Noah Farrakhan of The Patrick School (NJ). Noah is a 6-foot-4 athlete that wows people with his agility and can make plays with what comes naturally.  Also has the ball in his hands in transition often and is doing a great job this winter making the right reads. 

(3). Dayten Holman of Norman (OK).  “Long and tall guard who makes plays for others and is a nightmare defender.  He is an excellent passer and great off the pick and roll making the pass at a perfect time to the big. He has good open court speed and can get downhill using his longer strides and speed.” – Gregg Rosenberg of Prep Hoops. 

(4). Terrence Edwards of Tucker (GA).  Known as a scorer but that label is starting to branch out to the term playmaker.  Six different schools at the low and mid major level have offered as Edwards continues to show different aspects on the court as a tough guy finisher AND playmaker. 

(5). Kaimen Lennox of Truman (MO). “Lennox attacks the basket well with smooth drives and pulls from the mid-range area. He also scores on some nice cuts off the ball. He has good size, which enables him to finish well in the lane.” – Earl Austin Jr of Prep Hoops

(6). Latrell Wrightsell Jr of Omaha Central (NB).  “Known mostly for his ability as a three and D guard, Wrightsell has always been a standout defender, usually drawing the assignment of the best scorer on the opposing team. Wrightsell is also incredibly quick, and when he’s not spotting up from outside, he can most certainly take a defender off the dribble.” – Jacob Bigelow of Prep Hoops. 

(7). LuCye Patterson of Minnesota Prep Academy (MN).  Most often you can find Patterson with the ball creating for others as he is one of the smartest, confident playmakers out there playing point.  But we also call Patterson a combo for this list because 1) he can stroke the basketball at a 40 percent rate at the arc, 2) he does defends wings when we’ve seen him, and 3) his strength allows him to attack bigger players.

(8). Kevin-David Rice of Grand Blanc (MI).  “Rice is just quietly going about his business being one of the top prospects in the state. He’s a solid shooter and a good athlete.” – Scott Hankamp of Prep Hoops

(9). Rayshon Harrison of Legacy Early College (SC). “Harrison has good size (6-foto-4) in the backcourt. Harrison is a confident shooter and plays the game very unselfish. Has a couple D1 offers and interest.” – of Prep Hoops

(10).  DJ Jackson of Etiwanda (CA).  Jackson is an attack minded, speedy lead guard that has picked up a couple D1 offers with schools seeing that rapid ability to put numbers on the board before others can react.  Handles but can play that scoring role in a big way.