Posted On: 01/28/20 11:48 AM

The Prep Hoops Ohio Rankings only include players who play in the OHSAA. Chris Livingston, who transferred from Akron Buchtel to Western Reserve Academy since our last update, has therefore been removed from the Ohio rankings, despite being No. 2 in our National Rankings.

This begs the question, “Why remove him from his home state’s rankings?”

He is from Ohio. Heck, Livingston and others are still playing within the state borders. It’s not a Zeb Jackson situation, who has transferred to Montverde in Florida.

The reasoning behind is actually not about Livingston. It’s actually about the other guys on Western Reserve Academy’s team. It’s about the sixth man at Spire, Dohn Prep, and ISA. You see, Prep Hoops Ohio prides itself on being equally dedicated to the top kid in the state as we do to the Division II and Division III prospects. It would be easy to keep Livingston as the No. 1 sophomore. But, we don’t have the bandwidth currently, to accurately evaluate all of the prep school players — those who transfer to in-state and national prep schools, plus the non-Ohioans who join in-state prep schools every year. 

We are a comprehensive website on Ohio hoops, but defining what that means and sticking to that standard is important. There’s a kid whose name we don’t know who comes off WRA’s bench that deserves to be ranked somewhere in the 2022 class. But we, realistically, don’t have the resources to properly evaluate that kid. If we spent time doing that, the OHSAA kids would suffer.


So, now, the battle for Ohio’s No. 1 spot in 2022 is up for grabs!

Around a dozen sophomores have displayed major potential as prospects. At this point in their careers, it’s hard to say who exactly will emerge from that group. We do feel Sencire Harris and Shawn Phillips are a step ahead right now, but if any of the next 10 emerges to claim the top spot, it wouldn’t be shocking.