Posted On: 01/23/20 12:31 PM

A lot has changed since our last update in August, culminating in a completely different-looking set of 2021 Rankings that we just posted! Namely, Lakota East’s Nate Johnson joined the top five and the list grew from 147 to 169 college prospects.

Johnson is now the highest-ranked point guard in 2021. First, his ceiling is hard to even put a finger on. The athletically built, wide-framed lead guard dunks with his forehead near the rim. Defends every spot on the perimeter.


His IQ and vision allow him to take advantage of any mistake the defense makes. More importantly — while Johnson remains a patient floor general — he is becoming more consistent in using his ability to penetrate, shoot, finish, and pass to create plays, rather than always taking what the defense gives him. Operates very well in structure yet is a one-man nightmare in transition with his combination of elusiveness and explosiveness.

Guess what, though! Plenty of others not named Nate Johnson have climbed closer to No. 1 than ever before. Tomorrow, we will check-in on 2021 Stock Risers in detail. Also tomorrow, a two-part look at the Newly Added players who have established themselves amongst the junior class’s finest. Stay tuned!