Posted On: 12/12/19 3:42 PM

There are some kids that just jump out at you when you take in a game. Simply put, it is that “wow” factor you get when you see a player for the first time.

That is the exact reaction I had when I went over to the scorer’s table to check the numbers on freshman guard Anthony Floyd. Let me add, when checking his numbers the “he’s a freshman” line came out. Those words are all too familiar to me growing up, having heard the chant after big plays from a player in his first varsity season.

I expect those reactions to come out many times this season for Floyd, who plays for Mater Lakes Academy. In the game I took in against Stranahan High School, Floyd lead the Bears with 17 pointsKeep in mind, the Mighty Dragons won a state championship last year and return a veteran group. Despite that, Floyd ran the Bears offense like a veteran and had the poise of one as well.

While Floyd’s talent might be catching the public’s eye for the first time for people like myself, it began long before suiting up for the Bears…

“In fifth grade, my uncle and my coach (Lance Tejada Sr.) told me I should start playing basketball,” said Floyd. I would shoot jump shots at his house and he would teach me. That is how I started loving basketball. He would tell me to play because I have always been fast and could jump high. That is how it kinda got started.”

That early work has certainly paid off for Floyd, who came into this week averaging 12 points, three assists, two rebounds and four steals for the Bears. Those numbers put him in the top three in all categories for Mater Lakes. Floyd is a part of a talented back-court for the Bears that includes Jamai Tejada.

“I can jump and drive to the basket really well,” said Floyd. I think I have have a pretty good mid-range but at the same time I am constantly working on it because I can’t really drive like that against big people. I am also trying to work on my floater game. As for shooting three’s and layups, I got that.”

If Floyd is to improve in those categories, he picked a pretty good player to look up too. The freshman is a big fan of former NBA star Allen Iverson.

“I loved his game,” said Floyd. I loved how he did his mid-range. That is why I have been trying to work on it. I want to get better on my one-two steps, get quicker and pull it. I take too long to shoot sometimes so that is something I want to get better at doing.”

Bigger picture, Floyd is looking to lead his Mater Lakes club to a district and state championship. In his own words, Floyd certainly has the mindset to help that dream come to reality for the Bears.

” I want to get everyone better and be a point guard for us,” said Floyd. It might not be scoring as much, but help my whole team overall so we can win together.

If you get a chance, check out Floyd. That “just a freshman” line could quickly turn to being one of the best players in region quite soon.

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