Posted On: 12/2/19 5:41 PM

For the second weekend in a row, Milwaukee will host a blockbuster tournament filled to the brim with talent and camera-worthy matchups. Similar to the Fresh Coast Classic, the Terry Porter Classic sends us into the 2019-20 season with elite non-conference play.

Where: Milwaukee South Division High School

Day 1: Friday, December 6
Day 2: Saturday, December 7

Teams: Milwaukee Hamilton, Milwaukee Juneau, Milwaukee Marshall, Brown Deer, Marquette, Milwaukee Washington, Homestead, Dominican, Brookfield Central, Milwaukee Madison, Milwaukee Bay View, Sussex Hamilton, West Allis Central, Milwaukee King, Franklin, Milwaukee Riverside, Martin Luther, Golda Meir, Brookfield East, Milwaukee Vincent

Featured 2020s: Aiden Flynn, Alex Antetokounmpo, Shilo Bowles, Shelton Williams-Dryden, Mason Johnson

Featured 2021s: Patrick Baldwin Jr., David Joplin, Quinton Murrell, Ben Nau

Featured 2022s: Armani Jones, Najashi Tolefree

Top Game: Milwaukee Bay View versus Sussex Hamilton
A top-three player in the nation lacing up against a powerhouse program? That’s essentially what this game offers, as Patrick Baldwin Jr. leads his squad of Tanner Resch, Carson Smith and a handful of other college-caliber talents against Milwaukee Bay View, a roster that finished 21-3 last season.

Underrated Game: Milwaukee Washington versus Marquette
Each of these teams entered the year with less stock than they should’ve. Washington, burdened by the loss of two five-star transfers, entered the year without an identity. Meanwhile, Marquette’s roster started the year as another overlooked team fighting for elbow room in a talent-laden Greater Metro Conference. A win for each team will be a massive resume builder, beckoning a spotlight towards the program and its prospects.

Predictions and Schedule:

Friday –

4:15 p.m – Franklin versus Milwaukee Riverside
Winner: Franklin
Why: After losing their opener, Franklin should enter the game with some added fire. Carter Capstran and Marko Rajkovic, two interior talents, will guide them to an easy victory.

6: 00 p.m – Milwaukee Vincent versus Brookfield East
Winner: Brookfield East
Why: East won a big game last weekend, flexing an array of talented prospects (Michael Poker, Hayden Doyle and Sam McGath, just to name a few). Look for more of the same this weekend.

7:45 p.m – Golda Meir versus Martin Luther
Winner: Martin Luther
Why: Martin Luther’s comeback victory over Whitefish Bay paired with a balanced scoring attack gives me confidence in a second major victory for this squad.

Saturday –

9:45 a.m – Milwaukee Hamilton versus Milwaukee Juneau
Winner: Milwaukee Hamilton
Why: The roster dynamic they showed at the Brookfield Central Fall League still has me intrigued. A win here would verify that.

11:30 a.m – Milwaukee Marshall versus Brown Deer
Winner: Brown Deer
Why: The Brown Deer backcourt offers more explosiveness than Marshall’s. That talent factor gives them a win here.

1:15 p.m – Milwaukee Washington versus Marquette
Winner: Milwaukee Washington
Why: At the Fresh Coast Classic, Tre Valeriano answered questions about who would lead Milwaukee Washington this year. Look for him to continue his junior campaign with a win here.

3:00 p.m – Homestead versus Dominican
Winner: Dominican
Why: Alex Antetokounmpo’s senior campaign gains traction here, as he unleashes his two-way potential in an early-season win.

4:45 p.m – Brookfield Central versus Milwaukee Madison
Winner: Brookfield Central
Why: The defending division one state champions have too much talent to slip up here.

6:30 p.m – Milwaukee Bay View versus Sussex Hamilton
Winner: Sussex Hamilton
Why: Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Tanner Resch might be legitimately unstoppable this season. Their dynamic alone is enough to give them an easy nod over a talented Milwaukee Bay View team.

8:15 p.m – West Allis Central versus Milwaukee King
Winner: Milwaukee King
Why: This will be the most competitive matchup all weekend, and after a major win last week, King is most suited to out-duel another elite team from wire to wire.