Posted On: 11/29/19 11:38 AM

A quick run through of top fives for tomorrow’s Breakdown Big XII Classic at Champlin Park. 

Top 5 Games

  1. Park Center vs Hopkins
  2. CDH vs Eden Prairie
  3. Prior Lake vs East Ridge
  4. Waseca vs DeLaSalle
  5. Eastview vs Champlin Park

Top 5 Players

  1. Dawson Garcia
  2. Tre Holloman
  3. Kerwin Walton
  4. Dain Dainja
  5. Ben Carlson

Top 5 Juniors

  1. Andrew Morgan of Waseca
  2. Andre Gray of Hopkins
  3. Bryce Lance of Marshall
  4. Francis Nowakorie of Champlin Park
  5. Kyreese Willingham of Waseca

Top 5 Sophomores

  1. Tre Holloman of CDH
  2. Elvis Nnaji of Hopkins
  3. Blessed Barhayiga of Osseo
  4. Kendall Blue of East Ridge
  5. Braeden Carrington of Park Center

Top 5 Overlooked Workers

  1. Jared Walter of Champlin Park
  2. Andrew Irvin of DeLaSalle
  3. Caden Scales of Eastview
  4. Brenden Donohue of Eden Prairie
  5. Matt Hmielewski of Marshall

Top 5 Sleepers That Could Have a Huge Day

  1. Patrick Perreault of Blaine
  2. Tariq Henry of Osseo
  3. Josh Baker of Marshall
  4. Caden Scales of Eastview
  5. Sawyer Schrake of Hopkins