Posted On: 11/27/19 12:30 PM

Jack Cartwright of Sioux Falls O’Gorman is a top five level prospect in South Dakota’s senior class and a committed talent to Sioux Falls.  Today Jack joins PHD for The Basketball Interview. 

Prep Hoops: What are your first memories of basketball becoming something you love and a big part of your life?

Jack Cartwright: My first memories of basketball becoming a love of mine was when I would watch my brother and sister play on their travel teams before I was old enough to be on my own team, that’s when I realized I loved everything about basketball.

What is your pregame ritual on game day?

JC: My pregame ritual is to take an ice bath the night before every game 

Who is your favorite college or professional player to watch? And to learn from (if different)?

JC: My favorite NBA player to watch is Ja Morant but my favorite player to learn from is Jason Tatum because of the details that I can pick up on with every move

Do you enjoy the NBA and if so, what teams do you regularly watch? 

JC: I like to watch whatever NBA game is on before bed every night and I really like watching the Raptors

If you could play on any court in the world, what court would you pick and why?

JC: If I could play on any court in the world I would play in Air Canada Centre because of the culture and the fan support that is present at every game.

Who is your team’s biggest rival in basketball and what makes that rivalry special?

JC: I would say that my team’s biggest rival is either Yankton, Roosevelt, or Brandon because of the several close and intense games that we’ve had with them in the past couple of years. What makes the rivalries so special is the individual respect that all of us have for each other and the competitiveness that makes the games so fun.

When you are off the floor, what is your favorite hobby to take part in?

JC: When I’m off the floor I like to play 2K on Xbox with my friends.

The best sports movie of all time is? And best non sports move?

JC: The best sports movie of all time is Remember the Titians and the best non-sports movie is Step Brothers.

At this point in your basketball life what has been the most memorable moment, or moments?

JC: My most memorable basketball moment up to this point would be making the State Championship last year because no one expected us to go that far, or playing in Las Vegas with my best friends this summer with South Dakota Attack.

How do players in your community support and relate to the young and up and coming players? In other words, what do you guys do to support the youth hoopers in your area?

JC: I would say that the biggest things that players in my community do to support young hoopers is to point them in the right direction in terms of training. Showing them how beneficial Warwick and Hennen workouts are for skill work is very important.

What is the best advice that you’ve received in life?

JC: The best advice that I’ve every received is from my Dad, he always tells me to pay attention to detail which I apply to basketball, to school, and mostly all other aspects of my life.

What makes basketball in South Dakota different? And what makes it special?

JC: The basketball in South Dakota is unlike any other because of the culture and the fan base that every school has. What makes it so fun to watch or play in is the hype of every game and the several strong teams that have legit chances to win it that compete every year!