Posted On: 11/30/19 5:00 AM

There’s been some buzz surrounding Tye Thompson‘s arrival in the states this season. After playing for several years overseas, most recently in Italy, the class of 2021 guard prospect has transferred to Bishop Ireton where he is expected to make a significant impact. 

“The main difference is that everyone is fundamentally sound, As far as footwork, crossovers, everything,” Thompson said about the differences between basketball here and across the pond. “Nothing flashy, just fundamentals. I learned a lot of stuff. Especially in Italy. I learned how to move my feet and play better defense.”

Thompson admittedly needs to continue to improve defensively. He wants to be known for his contributions on both ends of the court. One of the things Thompson does well on that end of the floor is box out and rebound.

“I think when you watch me play, you can tell that I have passion for the game,” He stated. “You can tell that I have heart and that I want to win. I want to get my team in the best position to score and get my shot open.”

This year’s Ireton team could be very fun to watch, and Thompson’s contributions will likely be part of the reason why. He’s a very scrappy guard who is good at getting downhill and creating shots for himself or others.

What are his goals?

“Really just to win the WCAC title. We’re kind of underrated. No one really knows Ireton for basketball, but I want to take this school to the top.”