Posted On: 11/6/19 6:44 PM

It’s becoming more common to see movement withing the high school basketball scene as prospects transfer schools. One of those players who will be a big impact for their new school is 2022 Tobi Nnadozie. Nnadozie, a transfer from Perry Hall, transferred this summer to Mt. Carmel and also reclassified from the 2021 to 2022 class.

Nnadozie is a 6-foot-4 guard/wing who joins a Mt. Carmel team that was severely lacking at the position. The Cougars return 2022 point guard Deon Perry, who was one of two freshman recognized as an Honorable Mention from the MIAA A Conference last season, and added 6-foot-8 Turkish native Koralp Turk. This trio of Perry, Turk and Nnadozie bolsters their chances of being a formidable opponent in a very tough conference for the 2019-20 season.

“I just felt like there wasn’t a whole lot there for me,” Nnadozie said as he reflected on why he transferred from Perry Hall. “Ever since I’ve been at Mt. Carmel, I’ve been introduced to a lot of college coaches and I just think it’s a better fit for me.”

Nnadozie has already put time in with the team throughout the summer with workouts and this fall as the Cougars hosted their fall league. That experience gave him a sense for the level of play that is expected.

“It’s more intense and the coaching staff is more helpful and knowledgeable,” Nnadozie continued, “we get in the gym every day and it’s always serious. Everyone is always ready to go and it’s making me a better player.”

Nnadozie isn’t a complete stranger to high-level play. He was a key contributor for a Team Melo team that qualified for Peach Jam this summer.

“It really helped with my defense,” Nnadozie said. “I was guarding some of the best players in the world at my age group, so it really helped me on defense and just knowing how to play the game.”

For the Cougars this season, Nnadozie is going to be expected to contribute to a handful of categories on the box score. His athleticism allows him to be an effective finisher around and over the rim in both the half court and transition opportunities. As a shooter, defenses will have to account for where he is. He is more of a pure slasher, but can knock down jumpers if he has time.

Defensively is where he becomes most valuable because of his versatility. He can guard both guard spots and the wing. His athleticism and active hands often result in deflections, which ultimately result into steals. In the MIAA, having athletes on the wing is a must if you want your team to be successful, so Nnadozie filling that role is critical.

“This is a statement year for me,” Nnadozie claimed. “I gotta go hard or go home. I’m going to be facing the best players in Baltimore and every game is going to be a challenge for me and I just gotta push through that.”