Unknowns and Undervalued

Posted On: 11/29/19 10:54 AM

In the last three years, Mervo has been a program in Baltimore City that has experienced drastic improvement. Some of the reasoning has to do with the impact transfers they were able to bring in. What often gets overlooked when a program gets a slew of transfers are the players who have been there since the start, putting the time in and helping mold the culture. One of those players for the Mustangs is senior guard Demonee Carter.

Carter isn’t necessarily one of the names that pop out on you when evaluating the roster, but once you go and see the team in action his worth is shown immediately. The 5-foot-11 guard can play on or off the ball next to fellow senior Teon Rushing. Where Rushing is more of a scorer, Carter is a more effective guard at setting the table for teammates, so the two combine for a cohesive duo.

“My role this year is going to be more of playing as the point guard,” Carter said following a scrimmage against Calvert Hall. “I played with Teon when we were younger, but I like playing with him. He’s more of a scoring guard and I’m more of a passing guard. Defensively, we’re both going to strap up, too.”

Mervo has a talented roster beyond Carter and Rushing. 2020 wing Will Thomas is the big name for this team, but 6-foot-9 Elijah Rantin and newly acquired 2022 guard Carlos Alexander adds an interesting wrinkle to make them an even better team.

Carter is the tone-setter for this team defensively. He is a tough-nosed, grimy defender who can rebound extremely well for his position.

In the city landscape, Poly is the heavy favorite to win the city title, but Carter expressed his expectations for Mervo as being anything short of a championship would be a failure. They’ll certainly have the the starting five to set a tone and stay in games throughout. Head coach Deron Harding will lean heavily on Carter to contribute to that effort on a consistent basis.

Carter has heard from college programs, but not on a consistent basis. He could be a great option for JuCo’s considering his style of play.