Unknowns and Undervalued

Posted On: 11/26/19 11:00 AM

It appears that Chase Beasley has adopted a significant role at St. Stephens & St. Agnes for his senior season. The 6-foot-6 wing will be relied upon for his defensive abilities and appears to be off to a good start based on what we saw during a recent scrimmage. 

“My coaches just want me a defensive threat,” Beasley told Prep Hoops during a recent interview. “Coach Jones tells me he wants me to be the next Charles (Thompson), but just on the perimeter. Be a defensive threat and on offense just attack the basket. Continue to play hard every second I’m out on the court. He always says If I do that then good things will happen.”

The Saints are a team that likes to play fast. Almost anyone who gets a rebound has the license to push the ball up the court in transition. Beasley showed that he is quite capable of initiating a fast break and making the right read.

“We play with four guards and Andre (Screen) as the big man,” he explained. “Anyone of us four who gets the board can push it. And I’m usually the point guard besides Xavier (Lipscomb), so if I get it I’m pushing it, I’m looking for my wings, looking for my shooters, and If I get downhill I’m getting downhill.”

Beasley is still working on his jumper and becoming more of a threat on the perimeter offensively, but he has made huge strides defensively and as a playmaker. With guys like Jared Cross, Jamal Barnes, and Garrett Brennan able to stretch the floor, there will be plenty of spacing and opportunities to drive and kick. 

It seems that the main thing holding scholarship level programs from actively recruiting Beasley is the fact that he isn’t a great perimeter shooter, but he is working diligently on that part of his game and hopes that he can stand out in other ways in the meantime. Given his defensive potential, improving playmaking skills and size, along with his stellar academic record, there is optimism that Beasley could emerge as a solid target for high academic programs.