Posted On: 11/12/19 3:58 PM

We have roughly 80 ranked players in the class of 2021, a figure that will surely grow now that we have gotten out to watch and assess players since last season and now this summer. We went to events, showcases, and tournaments to add more to the list and now with us being a few weeks away from the season and our newest list, we will be providing one more update prior to the season. There are plenty of players that stood out and are being added to the list so without further ado, here are some players that if they make a jump will have their respective teams in winning situations. Here are guards that will be added to the list.

Tayzhean ArchuletaTayzheanArchuleta6'4" | PFHarrison | 2021StateCO – Harrison

Archuleta is a guard that has gotten out in front of us this past summer and proved himself to be a high-caliber shooting guard that is deserving of not only making our list but starting out in the middle of the pack. He is a productive shooter with range and he possesses the ability to switch it up and attack inside as well. He is dangerous as a playmaker that makes winning plays with the ball in his hands but is a zone buster that can consistently knock shots down. Last season he was just under 10 points a game for his team, this year I am sure he makes that jump in contributes in other ways as a go-to scorer on this team as well. The Harrison boys should make some noise this year and Archuleta will be a part of leading the pack.

Scott Grable – Strasburg

One of the most consistent scorers in his class was Grable as he put up 16 points a game last season and is looking to add on to that. He is a knockdown shooter that can come off of screens, find open creases in the defense and also is not afraid to shoot with defenders closing in on him. He is a high confidence player that only needs a second to get his shot off. He also finishes well inside for a player that will be difficult to guard yet again. He will start at the bottom of the list but is very deserving of being mentioned.

Quint GeckQuintGeck6'2" | CGRock Canyon | 2021StateCO – Rock Canyon

Geck is a player that seems to get better every single time out. One thing that has remained consistent is his ability to affect the game with his jump-shot. Geck is a smooth player with a quick trigger. He is always moving on the court and if he gets an open shot at the rim it is most likely falling. He has range but can also take a step in and knock down the mid-range as well. Just when the defense gets comfortable he decides to attack inside as well. He is capable of putting up some big scores and this is a season that I feel that it will all come together for him and he makes that jump. Schools should take a look at him early.

Izaye Elize – Frederick

Elize is a player that we got to see this summer and he is truly a hidden gem. He is athletic, he can score, he’s explosive and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He plays on both sides of the court and showed that he has a game that adapts well to the next level. He has an anticipated season for a player that has gone under the radar for far too long.