Posted On: 11/11/19 10:11 AM

We have roughly 80 ranked players in the class of 2021, a figure that will surely grow now that we have gotten out to watch and assess players since last season and now this summer. We went to events, showcases, and tournaments to add more to the list and now with us being a few weeks away from the season and our newest list, we will be providing one more update prior to the season. There are plenty of players that stood out and are being added to the list so without further ado, here are some players that if they make a jump will have their respective teams in winning situations. Here are guards that will be added to the list.

Ethan HillEthanHill6'4" | CGEstes Park | 2021StateCO – Estes Park

Hill is a player that only gets overlooked due to the school that he is at and not being able to get a good look at him but if you go off of the production and the way that he is able to take over in games there is one thing that is apparent – he is a player. He impacts the game and makes his stamp on games with his scoring as well as rebounding. He is a guard that helps down low which shows that he buys in as he put up 7.4 rebounds a game and he also scored as well as anyone putting up 17.8 points a game. He does it all while also being the focal point of the offense. He is going to lead the way and get others involved and that will surely go a long way. 

Tommy ApodacaTommyApodaca5'9" | CGLutheran | 2021StateCO – Denver Lutheran

Apodaca is a player that I feel like we have featured in almost every single article this summer so it is rather shocking that he is not already ranked. Well, after as big of a summer that he had coupled with the idea that he will be on one of the best teams in all of 3A it is easy to see why he is not only making our list but will be rated respectively. He is a two-way player with potential. He will have to be a player that attacks the paint and scores as there will be so much attention on the big men around him. He appears to be getting better each event as a ball-handler and his court awareness is also increasing so it should be an easy transition or him to go from unnoticed to the hunted. Big year ahead for him.

Markus Ramirez – Sand Creek

Ramirez was a consistent part of the Sand Creek last year as he put up 13.3 points a game as a sophomore. Now with another year under his belt, he can prove that last year was just a year that he was learning on the fly and adding pieces to his game. It’s known that he can score but now can he lead? He will have a year of chemistry with his group and they have to pull together to show that this was just a young team. He can shoot, open things up for himself and also play a bit off of the ball as well. He can score in multiple ways and now with getting others involved and on the same page, they have a chance to grow.

Kevin Loy – Erie 

Loy proved to be a bucket last season. On an underrated Erie team, he was able to score the ball in multiple ways and was a player to key-in on each game. He put up 16.4 points a game and had some games where he exploded for big scoring games. He shot the ball, got inside and finished and also was a primary ball-handler that made plays happen. With this type of production and an off-season of work he should not only be ranked but be looking to make a name for himself with a few wins his way as well. Big year for him.