Posted On: 11/7/19 9:53 AM

We have roughly 110 ranked players in the class of 2020 that we have gotten to watch and assess prior to this summer. But with a big summer where we made sure to get out to as many events as we could as well as finishing off the year we are adding to that list. We are a few more weeks away from the season and will be providing one more rankings update within that time. There are plenty of players that stood out and are being added to the list so without further ado, here are some players that if they make a jump, it will surely lead to some wins and they now have made the rankings list.  

Kedarian Maul – Pine Creek – 2020

Maul is a player that really stood out this summer at the Centennial Grandstand and we wanted to put him on the rankings list since. He is a difference-maker on the defensive end that creates so many positive plays on the court based on energy and his ability to defend created havoc throughout the entire showcase. He played above the rim on both ends of the floor with easy dunks as well as blocks, he went after all shots and rebounds that went up and he also refused to be stopped on his way to the rim. He will have to progress on the offensive end but he definitely makes the list with imagining the type of year he could have.

Walker Brickle – Ralston Valley

Brickle was a big part of that Ralston Valley team that had one of their most successful seasons in recent memory. He put up nine points, five rebounds and two assists a game and made plays all season long. He has great size and was used inside. He has soft touch around the rim and a feel for the game that creates easy baskets. He finds holes in the defense and goes straight up. He also helps out on the boards. He will also begin at the bottom of the list but made consideration for making our top players list.

Tommy CrawfordTommyCrawford5'9" | PFThunderridge | 2020StateCO – Thunderridge

I am unsure if there was a growth spurt or what happened for Crawford but he comes in as one of the taller players in the class. He used his lanky body to stand out at our expo this summer and jumped on my radar as a result. He rebounded well, played above the rim with boards and finishes and even had a couple of dunks. What I watched for at both a showcase this summer and the West Coast Elite camp was his ability to alter the game on defense. He changed plenty of shots and was not moved around too easily by the stronger bigs. I am excited to see if it can translate over as the Grizzlies will have another talented bunch coming in. Him being good will only make things scarier – bottom of the list surely but room to grow with plenty of untapped potential.

Sayo Olowabi – Vista Peak

Olowabi is a player that I have seen play a few times and it is evident that he is progressing each event. He is adding new pieces to his game when he used to be a hustle player that made things happen on that end of the floor. Now as he has gotten bigger and stronger his game has started to evolve as well. He is an athletic wing that gets out on the fast break and finds creases in the defense. He is a defender that is raw but also has intangibles to get better. He will start at the bottom of the list but will have the opportunity to grow.

Tim Huston – DSST Green Valley

If Huston was at any school in the Continental or Centennial League I truly feel as if he would be talked about very, very often. He has all of the intangibles to be good. He defends at a high level, he runs the break and finishes well which includes dunks, he can switch onto smaller players and shut them down and has the strength to do it down low as well. Huston is a forward with potential as we got to see him this summer at a showcase. He was one of the better players on the day that adapted and when looking at his numbers last season of 14 points and eight rebounds a game it is a bit shocking to see that he has been barely spoken about. That changes now as he will make our next list.