Posted On: 10/4/19 5:00 AM

One thing you can always say when talking about Brendan Davis is that he does whatever it takes to win games. Broadneck’s accomplished senior guard has won a combined 40 games in his previous two seasons. What does Davis do during games that contribute to wins?

“Definitely extra passes, defending. Taking charges,” Davis told Prep Hoops. “Doing whatever I can to get the victory. Whatever that means.”

As we recently saw throughout last month’s Maryland Top 250 Expo, Davis is a crafty left-handed guard who excels at creating shots for others as well as himself. He was one of the biggest standouts from the event as a result of his consistency. Several division three schools, including Franklin & Marshall, Salisbury, and Catholic, are actively recruiting him at the moment.

“I gotta feel at home,” Davis said of when asked what factors he considers important regarding schools. “Right when I’m there, I gotta like where I’m at. The coaching staff, the players. If I feel like I can fit well with them.”

To no surprise, Davis thinks about the team when outlining his goals for the upcoming season. He hopes to help lead his team back to states like last year. While it will certainly be a long road, Davis not only looks ready to help his team meet and perhaps exceed current expectations, but to have a successful college career afterward.