Posted On: 10/23/19 11:00 AM

Player rankings are subjective and an inexact science with a greater likelihood of misses than hits. But who doesn’t love them anyway?

Rankings have been updated at PHD ahead of the high school season and there is a lot to unpack. Full rankings are found here:

A lot go into player rankings. How colleges are valuing guys, current production, positional value, perceived upside and exposure are all factors determining how guys get ranked. It’s a team process. With that in mind, here are some players who I personally think are underrated:

No. 21 Seth Nelson, Carrington

Nelson’s game is such a better fit for the AAU game than Class B North Dakota. He’ll put up big numbers with Carrington, but the lack of pace and spacing means things get a little bogged down. When he’s at his best, he’s a weapon in the open floor not only as a rim-runner, but as a playmaker. At 6-foot-4, he’s a solid passer and a terrific finisher. He’s shown he can be a matchup problem for people because of his size, shooting and playmaking ability.

No. 34 Matt Miller, West Fargo

Miller is one of the better guards in the EDC after averaging better than 11 points and nearly four assists last year as a junior. He isn’t going to wow people with size or athleticism but he’s the definition of steady. He’s a solid perimeter defender, does a good job facilitating and controlling the offense and has more scoring juice than he shows given he’s played with talented scorers or grit-and-grind style offenses.

No. 45 Tyler Loe, Dakota Prairie

Loe may lack size but he’s one of the best pur scorers in the state. He’s a terrific 3-point shooter with deep range, an explosive slasher and a crafty finisher in the paint. He’s improved as a playmaker in the last year and his defense is better than you’d expect.

No. 48 Jaden Hamilton, Rugby

Hamilton is an intriguing player because of his length and shooting ability. He’s 6-foot-6 and one of the best pure shooters in the state. But he’s not the type of stretch big that can be neutralized by simply defending him with a guard, because he is willing to go inside and mix it up. He’s got to play stronger, but he’s got a ton of skill and intriguing potential.

No. 60 Carter Lingen, Richland

Lingen checks all the boxes as a point guard. He’s smart, steady, makes good decisions and can score from all levels on the court. He’s a competitive defender who makes up for lack of size and strength with smarts. He’s an excellent long-range shooter and comfortable making plays in contested areas. 

No. 89 Treagan Azure, Dunseith

Azure is one of the better two-way players in Class B. He’s got the size and length to overwhelm smaller defenders while also hanging with bigger guards but also the quickness to stay in front of people. He’s a solid shooter and improving playmaker as well. He may not get a ton of exposure but he’s a guy that could put up huge numbers this winter and someone worth checking out.