Posted On: 10/22/19 5:10 PM

Locke Hord (Fairview) gifted the @PrepHoopsTN/AboveTheRimGym Fall Combine with a gentle, but consistent touch in deep.  He made intelligent decisions in those tight spaces in the lane.  In 2018-2019, Locke and the Fairview Yellowjackets amassed two separate 14-game winning streaks!

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How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2020
  • 6’1″ wing
  • Wingspan — 5’11”
  • Height w/o shoes — 6’1″
  • Height w/ shoes — 6’2″
  • Hand Span — 8.5″
  • Hand Length — 7.0″
  • Standing Reach — 8.0″
  • Lane Agility — 12.85, 12.80
  • Shoe Size — 11.5
  • Summer Combine Ranking — #60

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 1997 Hawks Christian Laettner

Locke’s hands (7.0″ x 8.5″) are slightly smaller than an average adult male. (7.5″ x   His wingspan is 5-foot-11, just slightly smaller than his height.  Locke Hord is measured at 6-foot-1, obviously without shoes on.  Basketball is played with shoes and only this year did the NBA alter the specifications for measuring their players height away from utilizing the shoe “trick.”

Areas for Improvement

Vertical explosion is just ok.  With his physical strength, Locke Hord should be a better rebounder than he is against tall opponents.  The game is seemingly played higher and higher every year.  For Locke to contend with these treacherous shotblockers and fellow rebounders he needs to get off the ground quickly and powerfully.  Leg squats, plyometrics, calf raises, and the like can help a little bit.

Rebounding outside his area does not happen often.  Locke sees the floor well and needs to invest just a little more for loose balls, stray rebounds.  He can quickly make a larger impact in this realm of the game just by tinkering. 

Physical reaction time needs to improve to match his excellent mental reaction time.  See it, do it.  Eliminate any lag between the two.

The Foundation

Passes well in the open floor.  Hord can pass effectively with either hand.  Coordination is a strength.  

The senior wing can and does finish well underneath.  Touch around the rim is better than average for sure.  He was not often challenged under the tin Sunday, largely because he picked his spots with a mental clarity.  Still, it will be beneficial if he can add more verticality to his post play.

Clearly, Locke thinks faster than most high school basketball players.  The mental reaction to changing events is a plus.

Hord is a “low-ego” player that doesn’t need the coach or offense to focus directly on him for him to give the best effort.  Hord is a wonderful program player in that he makes teammates better with his contagious commitment and drive.  More, Locke appears to enjoy the success of his teammates.  Supportive.

Good shoulders.  He obviously committed some time to the weight room.  Locke could even tack on a little more muscle in both his legs and his chest/shoulders to amplify the strength he already demonstrates.

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