Posted On: 10/7/19 3:21 PM

We took a break but we are back with a couple of more league to preview before the upcoming season. We have wanted to see what area of the state has had the best talent and by doing that we have taken a look at some of the best conferences.

We have designed our “All-Area All-Star Teams” and have taken a look at a couple of leagues already, but one we have not looked at that is pretty strong from top to bottom while having one of the largest conferences in the entire state is the 5A Front Range.

First Team:

PG:  Luke YoderLukeYoder5'10" | CGFossil Ridge | 2021StateCO – Fossil Ridge

Yoder is only going into his junior season but was definitely a standout player out of the conference last season. He can score from the lead guard spot and he makes it difficult for the opposing team each time out as he can shoot, penetrate and finish and also makes the right passes. Yoder plays the right way and when you have a point guard that is aggressive and taking chances as he does you are going to be ahead of the pack. Expecting a big year from Luke and would be on my first team.

SG: Grant SwensonGrantSwenson6'2" | CGBroomfield | 2020StateCO – Broomfield

Leading scorer last season with some returning players on the team. He put up 12.6 points a game and started to find a groove in the season. He is not afraid to shoot the ball and is an aggressive offensive weapon that teams will have to game plan for.

SF: Greysen Carter – Fairview

Carter is a bucket. He is a knockdown shooter that you cannot leave open, he scores both inside and out and is also comfortable with the ball in his hands. Carter crashes the boards and uses his body well. He can score from anywhere on the court and fits any system. I am expecting him to have another incredible season where he averages around 16 points a game and have some explosive 30-point games here and there. Fairview will be the team to beat in this conference and him and Page make a strong 1-2 punch.

SF/PF: Jalen PageJalenPage6'5" | SFFairview | 2020StateCO – Fairview

Easy to know who I am starting my team with and also centering my team around. Page checks off all boxes when it comes to being one of the state’s best. He has size, he is skilled and he brings out the best. In his teammates. He rebounds, defends and scores with the best of them and this is going to be a critical year for him where I am expecting schools to come checking for what he can bring to them. He is strong and an intelligent big man that is a two-way player. He is my MVP vote for the league this year.

C: Brock WisneBrockWisne6'7" | PFHorizon | 2022StateCO – Horizon

Wisne is only going to be a sophomore but he is rated as our No.3 player in the class for a reason. He has the size but is very skilled as well as he is a playmaking big. He has a solid back to the basket game, can beat a defender with excellent footwork and also is a good passer for a big. Wisne had himself a stellar summer where he showed why he is considered one of the best and this will be a year where Horizon will surprise a few teams with him at the forefront.


Guard: Xavier HarrisXavierHarris5'10" | CGHorizon | 2022StateCO – Horizon

Harris is another player that I am expecting to have an explosive year as one of the best guards in the entire conference and the wild thing is, he is only going to be a sophomore. There are high expectations for him and from what we got to see this offseason we feel as if he will live up to the hype as he is a poised guard that does it all. He is a tenacious defender that takes on the challenge, on offense he controls the pace and he also can score from anywhere. Horizon is going to be one of the dark-horse teams to watch this year and with the weapons they have around Harris he can be one of the standout guards in the state regardless of class.

Guard: Tyler TurnerTylerTurner6'2" | CGBoulder | 2020StateCO – Boulder

Turner is a scorer. Last season the 6’2 combo guard put up 12.6 points and also dished out 3.1 assists as well to show that he has what it takes to win games. He does not necessarily take a ton of 3-pointers but when he does he is efficient and shows he can score from all three levels. He gets on the boards, can start breaks himself and fills lanes but also defends at a high level. Big year upcoming for him.

Wing:Gavin PoxsonGavinPoxson6'4" | PFLegacy | 2021StateCO – Legacy

Poxson is an intelligent player that plays winning basketball. He makes the right plays on the court, he does what is asked of him plus more and also is a player that consistently scores. He is coming off of a season where he put up 9.5 points and also 2.3 rebounds a game and showed that he can play with the best of them but his work in the offseason is what I feel will have him ready to take over this season. He is a microwave scorer that can shoot lights out and when he is aggressive offensively he is able to really put his stamp on games.

Post:John Grigsby – Monarch

Monarch is definitely going to be one of the biggest teams in the state and with Grigsby manning the middle and also playing the power forward I am expecting teams to have fits with the size. Grigsby is a skilled big man that will have to step up this season if Monarch plans to get back to their winning ways. Last season he put up 10 points and 4.2 rebounds – that will have to change this year. He is capable of averaging a double-double with at least 15 points a game and that is what I am expecting of him this season. He will have to control the paint, score when needed and also rebound in bunches.  

Post: Greg GerhardtGregGerhardt6'10" | CMonarch | 2021StateCO – Monarch

Gerhardt is my pick for surprise pick of the conference. Last season he did not play much at all but by the end of a big junior season for the 6’10 big man everyone will know his name. Gerhardt does all of the things you want in a player with his size. He skies for rebounds, keeps it high and does not put it on the ground. He patrols the paint and does not allow easy baskets and he also has an improved offensive game from what I seen this offseason. I am expecting Monarch to overwhelm teams with their twin tower lineup and him to jump on radars and standout.