Posted On: 10/9/19 7:16 PM

‘Tis tip time on the 2019-2020 regular season.

It is a perfect time to revisit the Class of 2020 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s  progression, regression, or stagnation.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

Climbers are either players previously undervalued or more likely players that developed their game in the last six months.

These players represent lofty climbers (upward movement listed next to arrow on right of name).

Gioppino Basketball clip art#22 Tyrone Marshall ⇑105

Is this astronomical leap an indication that we misjudged or poorly evaluated Tyrone earlier in his career? Only partially.  With Pearl-Cohn the former coaching staff shoved into the paint.  Last winter he capably handled the pill out high and then his true potential gushed through.  Marshall,  at 6-foot-6, can handle like a wing and even breakdown defenders.  He is a plus rebounder.  If there is a weakness, then it is his outside shot.  His stock still justifiably soared.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#62 Cahlib Edwards Jr. ⇑106

A transfer from Chattanooga Arts & Sciences, Cahlib Edwards Jr. landed with defending Class AAA State Champions Bearden High.  It is a completely new Bearden team though.  Gone are Trent Stephney, Ques Glover, Drew Pember, Shamarcus Brown, and on and on.  Cahlib comes in with the burden of replacing the guard that brought down Memphis East.  Can he do it?  Tough task.  What he can do is score and score and score.  Edwards Jr. is a constantly evolving scorer with wonderful instincts in tight spaces.  Look for college coaches to pay more attention to him this winter.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#74 Wesley Maples ⇑93

Who had a better year than Wesley Maples?  Leaning on his scoring, the Sevier County Smoky Bears knocked off Cocke County in the District Tournament.  We predicted their run would end there.  But SCHS upended Morristown West and then Morristown East to capture the District 2AAA Championship.  Entering their postseason run, Sevier County was a mere 1-3 against the Morristown pair.  The slender scorer Maples would not let his team end it there.  They slipped by Tennessee, owned Science Hill, and even conquered might Dobyns-Bennett, and Oak Ridge!   Maples was a breakout player for a breakout team.  What a February!  It ended mid-March against Whitehaven in Murfreesboro.  Maples is a small college wing with exciting potential.  His game can add so much and yet he is already a proven Class AAA scorer.

#86 Jacob McDonald  ⇑88

Jacob McDonald is a third-year starter for White House High School.  McDonald is a very skilled guard with some NAIA options emerging.  His ability to shoot and handle make him an intriguing prospect.  In the last handful of years White House churned out skilled guards that happened to be under 6-foot-2ish.  McDonald fits that same profile.  He is gritty and fundamental.  His game is advanced and he hoping to continue after his season wraps.

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